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God Speaks To My Heart: Through A Boys Devotional, In The Side Pocket of A Mud Grimed Travel Bag


I just arrived home from picking Robby up from his two day camp experience at Bradford Woods.  It’s a long time tradition for all 5th graders in Bloomington, In to attend this camp.

Currently he’s taking a much needed shower, and I’m looking forward to hearing more highlights from his trip.  Robby and I are going to dinner tonight, his choice, to talk about his exciting trip.

After I sent him off to shower, I (like any normal mother) frantically began throwing all his smelly clothes into the washing machine.  As I held my breath, and attempted to empty his bag, I found his devotional.  Tears spilled from my eyes, deep pride welled within my soul.  This devotional was a sign, from God, “Crystal, you and Robert are raising your kids, to walk in my steps.  Great job!”

Often times, I beat myself up.  I ponder all the things I need to do better.  Right now, I feel pretty good!  I’m honored to be raising a boy who chooses to take his devotional to camp.

Today… God spoke to my heart.  Not through an audible voice, a song, or even a quiet… still moment.  Through a simple book… in the side zipper of a mud grimed travel bag.

Thank you, Lord!  I’m blessed to be raising an amazing young man, who has a heart to serve, please, and know you more.

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Thank You God, For The Blessing Of My Daughter

The sun is radiant,
This day perfect in every way

Quality time spent,
With my  Beautiful and Fun baby girl.

Aimlessly she wanders,
Carefree… So full of life.

Each time she smiles,
My heart leaps for joy.

Her smile is life-altering.
Candy to my soul.

Entered the world,
Bright eyed and aware.

No tears,
Only enthusiasm and excitement.

Looking… Expecting… Discovering….
The gift of her life.

Such a happy girl,
Plenty of hugs to share.

She never meets a stranger,
Waves “hello” to everyone we see.

Each time she laughs,
God’s love blisters through my entire being.

This bond between a momma and her little girl,
A gift I will always treasure.

Thank you God,
For the blessing of my daughter!