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Within My Heart, You Will Always Be


Today I picked up the phone.
I longed to talk to you.
To hear your compassionate voice.

Your voice has always been such a comfort to my heart.
So unique… so deep… so tender.
Such love escaped your lips.

You understood my heart.
Always knew what to say.
Your words calmed my soul.

As long as I can remember,
You were my biggest fan.
My childhood hero.

This week was tough.
I needed familiarity.
I longed to hear your comforting voice.

You somehow knew how to make my troubles seem smaller.
Your tone… Your encouragement… Your love for God.
Always helped place life’s circumstances in perspective.

I miss your strong hugs.
Your easy going demeanor.
I miss your contagious smile.

I miss your southern accent.
Your boisterous laugh.
I miss your presence on Earth.

Unexpectedly the tears fall.
I can’t pick up the phone, I can no longer hear your voice.
I can recall the happy times we shared.

Your steadfastness… Your Godly character… Your giving spirit…
Abide within my soul.
Within my heart, you will always be.