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I Wish There Were Visiting Hours in Heaven


Sleeping… Dreaming…
I’m in your home. Unfortunately, you aren’t there, sitting by my side.

You, remain everywhere.
In your home, in my memories, within my heart.
Your familiar smell, your booming… southern voice.

At times you seem so close, your soul… closely intertwined with mine.
Right now… This very minute… Your Heavenly residence seems too far away.

Growing up fatherless, in a world, faced with unprecedented instability…
You were a regular face… A constant redeeming presence… God to a little girl’s soul.
A positive role model to my inner child.

I told you of my love.
In my wedding pictures… Your presence, at my side.
You were there… You surely cared.

I remember… I can’t forget.

Five months ago, God called you home.
As I held your hand… Sang hymns softly in your ear… You slipped away.
I couldn’t make you stay.

Why did it take your passing… For me to see.
To truly understand the depth of our bond.
To fully comprehend the impact your life had on mine.

So many hugs… Left unhugged.
So many conversations… Left unsaid.

I long for another hour… Another day.
All that’s left are your worldly possessions, the impact you had on my life.
The numerous impressions, you made on those left behind.

Your heart always tender, giving, and gentle.
Your hugs were strong, safe, and comforting.
Your voice so deep, reassuring, and steady.

Your gone now, this fact, this dream, once again jolts me back to real life…

I wish there were visiting hours in Heaven!