Maybe God’s “No” Actually Means “Later”

We plead to God… “Lord, give me this desire!” His response {most often} fails our instantaneous expectations. Do we assume… His answer is “no”. When maybe… His answer is “yes”… but “later”. Do we trust his word… {Ask and it will be given to you, seek and you will find, knock and the door willContinue reading “Maybe God’s “No” Actually Means “Later””

Lessons From a Five Year Old

My son Daniel was playing at his friends house yesterday afternoon.  His friend’s mother is one of my best friends.  My cell phone rang and it was my friend.  She said, “Crystal, I don’t wan’t you to freak you out but I need to call 911 for Daniel.”  Her son playing around threw a musicContinue reading “Lessons From a Five Year Old”

Are Your Blessings Stressing You Out?

Our home is surrounded with landscaping.  I didn’t create the landscaping, it was an added benefit to buying the house (or so I thought).  The spring after moving, the weeds began popping up EVERYWHERE.  Two springs later, entropy began to conquer our previously beautiful landscaping.  Let me tell you… I’M NOT ONE WITH THE EARTHContinue reading “Are Your Blessings Stressing You Out?”

Pure Joy Beaming from Four Tired Little Faces

Today was another day abounding in blissful blessings. A day when it was {good to be alive}! Everything was perfect. I thoroughly enjoyed hanging out with my little ones. We spent the morning cuddling in bed, headed to the park to meet up with some friends, ate Subway for lunch, enjoyed a nice long afternoonContinue reading “Pure Joy Beaming from Four Tired Little Faces”

God’s {Perfect, Pure, and Real Love}… Walking… {Right in front of me}

Am I the only mother who continually compares my self to {all} other momma’s in the world? Am I the only mother, who feels regular guilt because I’m not participating in arts and crafts with my children? Am I the only mother who feels immense pressure to be like {her}? I dont look like {her},Continue reading “God’s {Perfect, Pure, and Real Love}… Walking… {Right in front of me}”

If I Withhold Faith, I Will Behold No Hope

A couple of nights ago, I was sitting in the living room, surrounded by my family and guiltily stressing about my graduate level research papers. Earlier, that afternoon I had noticed a friend requested prayer for her daughter on Facebook. Despite, my stress over my research papers due that evening, I continued to check FacebookContinue reading “If I Withhold Faith, I Will Behold No Hope”