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When Your Child Ministers to Your Heart


Tonight my son Robby and I were cleaning out the van and a song came on the radio. The song was “Thank You”, by Ray Boltz. This past November I sang this song at my uncles funeral. Suddenly, I missed my uncle deeply and tears began falling from my eyes. My son suddenly became quiet (this is quite rare) and asked me if I am okay. I told him that the song made me miss my uncle. I explained the huge impact my uncle had on my life. My eleven year old son looked up at me with such tenderness and said, “Isn’t it such a blessing to know we’ll see him again in Heaven!” The thought of seeing my uncle again in Heaven brought such peace to my grieving heart.

Friends, I am blessed! My son {really} ministered to me tonight. I told him thank you, hugged him, and told him how proud I am of him. Despite, my daily imperfections as a mother, somehow my boy is turning into a man after God’s heart.

My son ministered to my heart! I couldn’t be more proud of my Robby. I’m beginning to see the {blessings} involved in watching your children grow up and mature. You know what? It feels pretty good!