Living a Victorious Life Through the “Almighty Counselor”


I look in their faces… No matter how hard I try I can’t see their hearts.

So many people… So many souls.

Their eyes are a window into their souls.

Usually… I can read the emotions of the eyes.

In their eyes, I can see anger… Fear… Sadness… Joy.

I can’t see “why” their feeling, what their feeling.

No matter, how hard I try I can’t “know” their hearts.

So many people… Only one Holy God.

How can God know each and every single human heart.

How is it He truly cares for me… For you… For all the souls on this Earth.

Again… I don’t know how He does it!

I just know… “I’m glad He does!”

I pray… Lord, “Teach me to be a counselor.

A Godly… Understanding… Encouraging… Loving counselor.

Give me a supernatural understanding through Your Holy Spirit.

Help me to love your people… In a Godly and unconditional way.

Help me to look beyond their quirkiness…

To “truly” see a glimpse into their heart…

Give me an understanding of their spiritual condition…

Guidance to speak your words… Into their spirits.

Lord… When your people sit before me… Yearning for “healing”…

Speak through me… Speak into their hearts!

Lord… Help me… To help them…

Live a victorious life, through an intimate relationship with you, their Almighty Counselor.”


8 responses to “Living a Victorious Life Through the “Almighty Counselor””

  1. Your words and empathy do touch me. With all due respect, when you say that there is only one Ggod, you limit your ability to reach people. There are so many paths to the mountain top that saying there is only one way does you and those you are trying to reach a disservice.

    1. My words are not intended to offend, but to reveal the healing that has occurred in “my” heart. The healing in my heart and the answer to my every need I have is found through scripture and One God. Blessings to you and thank you for taking time to comment! ❤ Crystal

  2. Dear Crystal
    I am truly impressed with your saying.. Honestly makes me more aware that I should make a better relationship with God Almighty. Thank you for sharing this beautiful and touching saying..

    1. Glad yup were blessed! Blessings to you, sweet Karina!

  3. It is a very worthy goal you aspire; Christ-like counsel. Blessings to you as you walk with our Lord.

    1. Thank you! Thank you for following my blog! Blessings, Crystal

  4. “Amen” to your prayer. I love how you have His heart for others. 😦


    1. Thank you! The Lord has placed people in my path who had a heart to help me and I want nothing more to serve the Father and to be used for the good of the Kingdom. Blessings, Crystal

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