To Go or Not to Go?

My oldest two boys were all signed up and ready to begin packing for camp. However, something inside my spirit didn’t feel right about them going to camp. I couldn’t pin point and particular reason, however the feeling wouldn’t let up. My husband is teaching abroad in China for six weeks and we all missContinue reading “To Go or Not to Go?”

Crystal’s “Turn the Table” Over Moment

I’m frustrated. You thinking… Wow… Not like Crystal to blog about something negative or out of frustration? Let me clarify: I’m not saying I never feel negative or frustrated, just ask my husband and children. However, right now I have a bone to pick. Usually, I decide to wait until my frustration passes but rightContinue reading “Crystal’s “Turn the Table” Over Moment”

Good Ole’ Lemonade Days

Everyone has bad days. Today was one of my “bad days”. I opened my eyes and felt the nasty pang “I’m going to cry!” Went to church… All in attempt to serve God… And feel better. Yet… I escaped to the ladies room to secretly wipe away the unwanted drops of emotion. The last thingContinue reading “Good Ole’ Lemonade Days”

Initials Carved in Love

18 years ago my husband, then boyfriend carved (R + C) into this bench at the park, he was 16 years old. This picture speaks a thousand words. We fell in love 18 years ago. Our sweet daughter, (fourth child and final edition) almost two years old, has no understanding of the initials carved intoContinue reading “Initials Carved in Love”

Longing…Waiting… Desiring… The Love of My Life

Burning the midnight oil. Missing my best friend… my soul mate. Call me a sap, That’s okay. I am in love. I’ve been in love for over half my 35 years of living… to the same person. Seventeen years young… He secretly held my hand. My heart still hasn’t stopped beating. Still gives me butterfliesContinue reading “Longing…Waiting… Desiring… The Love of My Life”