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Sweet Contentment


This morning, I am lying in bed, the house filled with the sound of pure silence and my husband (the worlds best daddy) is quietly playing with the children somewhere in this house. He thinks he’s letting me sleep in (which is the SWEETEST thing in the world), but I am wide awake contemplating life. I’m absorbing this awesome feeling of contentment, I feel right this very moment. Everything is perfect! Peaceful home, sunshine gently beaming through the windows, quiet children, madly in love with my husband, blessed with four of the sweetest kids, and a home that makes me smile everyday!

In a few minutes, the bangs and thuds will begin above my head in the playroom. The whining, screaming, squealing children will emerge, and this peaceful feeling will be threatened. However, right now this feeling of contentment is pure bliss! A simple moment, often taken for granted, is permanently etched on my heart and on my blog.

Well, gotta go… The cabinets are now slamming, piano playing, and the sound of a herd of elephants above my head is my alarm to… Rise and shine and give God the glory, glory!

Happy Saturday! Take time to allow yourselves to feel moments of pure and radiant contentment and say thank you to the Father in Heaven, the giver of all good gifts!

Family Bonding Time, Motherhood

Cherish These Days… They’ll Be Gone Before You Know It.


Feisty little red-head boy…

His birth completely changed our worlds.

We were young… Supposedly adults.

This child forced us to second guess our maturity.

Long nights… With little or no sleep.

Tantrums… Made me question my own sanity.

Kind hearted women…

Said, “Cherish these days… They’ll be gone before you know it!”

All the while, I’m thinking, “Cherish…?”

With each additional child…

Came sibling quarrels…

Ganging up on the parents syndrome.

Unique new parental challenges.

Despite the difficulties parenting threw in our direction.

Despite the long nights in the hospital… Praying and worrying over my children.

Despite the breaking up of fights.

Despite the constant worrying over their well-being.

I heeded these wise women’s words.

I cherished the good times.

I held my babies tighter.

Made mental notes of child-like humor.

I observed beautiful moments of sibling bonding.

Took simple everyday moments… And taught my children about God’s love.

I held their hands.

Laid in their beds and rubbed their tiny backs.

Cupped their chubby cheeks in my hands…

Looked into their eyes and informed them of my love.

You know… Those women were right!

I couldn’t love enough…

Hold tight enough…

Cherish enough…

The harder I tried.

The faster they grew.

I’m now an older… wiser… more experienced mother.

My advice…

“Cherish these days… They’ll be gone before you know it!”

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Dearest Daughter


My Dearest Daughter,

I prayed for a daughter! Your three brothers prayed for a baby sister. Your daddy desired conformity over variety. Yet, the moment the doctor held you up and introduced you to the world, your daddy was smitten. Little girl, I want you to know, how truly loved you are! I want you to know how much your big brothers cherish you. You can’t appreciate it now, the way, your brothers look at you when you walk in the room all prettied up and ready for church, but girl they think you are the most precious and beautiful creation in this world. Why do I tell you this? You see, I sit back and observe girls trying so hard to find acceptance in this rotten world. I see the girls trading in their natural beauty, to be accepted by an over-sexualized society. Sweetie, if there is one thing I want you to know in this life, it is that you are beautiful just the way God created you. You are cherished just the way you are, you are loved unconditionally for who you are on the inside! All to often, I sit back and observe girls, trading in their inner beauty for acceptance from a world, that will NEVER accept you. I want you to know the acceptance from God, is the only acceptance that truly leaves you feeling accepted. Trust me… I’ve done my share of searching. I’ve sought acceptance from a world that continually left me feeling that I will NEVER measure up. When you are looking for role models, please look for those who trust in God! Those who have found the key to true acceptance. Those who stand for something, that will leave this world a better place! Girl, you are amazing! You are beautiful! You are loved! I pray you will be such a role model, to girls who are desperately searching for true and undefined beauty. My sweet daughter, I pray I will never look into your face and see uncertain and empty eyes. I pray when I look into your eyes, I will see a window into a soul of a woman who’s built her inner confidence on the fact that she is unconditionally loved and accepted, by Her Heavenly Father, a mother who desired a daughter, a daddy who is smitten over your sweet nature and blue eyes, and three brothers who think you are the sweetest princess in the world. Sweet heart, you are beautiful! You are the answer to our prayers! Please, never forget this letter, our love, and the God who loves you and will always accept you, just the way you are!



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“I’m Here”



Have you ever had a terrible, rotten, and no good day? It seems everything that could go wrong, goes wrong. A few weeks ago, I had one of those terrible, rotten, no good days. The pressure of life just kept piling up. Finally when I reached my limit, I retreated to my bedroom and bawled like a baby. The tears fell and continued to fall. I laid there and asked God, “Why? Why do I have to feel like this? Why do I feel so alone? Why?” In the quiet of my bedroom, God answered, “I’m here!” He could have spoken a thousand words into my soul. However, at that moment, all I needed to hear was, “I’m here!” There are times when I feel like, I don’t belong, and I don’t fit in. You know what? In those moments, the most calming words to my soul are “I’m here!” We need to know, we’re not in this all alone. We need to know someone has our back. In those precious moments, God calmed my soul. He comforted my heart and made himself real to my weary spirit. Friends, He’s there, He’s really there! He’s always been there! He’s ALWAYS there. even when we feel like He’s not, He’s there! Do you need a reminder today, that He’s there, your not alone, and He’s got your back?”

“I’m here!”, God

Romans 15:13, “May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.”

John 3:16,”For God so loved the world that he have his one only son, Jesus, so that whosoever will believe in His name, shall not perish but have everlasting life!”

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Independence Blvd


You’ve grown up too fast.
Before my eyes… so hard to grasp.

I’m sad… I’m happy…
I’m frightened… I’m excited.

Walking behind… Your little five year old legs.
In the direction of that big yellow school bus.

Transportation to get you where you need to go.
Out into the big world.

Independence Blvd.
That’s the destination.

I fight my yearning to hold you.
Anything to keep you from taking those gigantic big bus steps.

As much as I want to keep you close.
I realize God is your father and your boss.

I will watch you go.
I will hold back the tears.
I will step back and let you find your way.
I will pray.
I will always be close… No matter how far you may go.

Sweet child… Please know “I only let go” because I love you so.

God has big plans for your life… little man.
Go… Discover Independence blvd.

At the end of the day.
That yellow school bus… Will bring you back into my arms.

Where I will love, encourage, and enjoy our special time.
Where I will do my best to prepare you for another day of Independence Blvd.


A Fantastic Day

Today was a wonderful day. There was no special reason, the day seemed to run smoothly, and the clouds were on my side. I enjoyed being a mother! I enjoyed swimming with my children. I enjoyed the warmth of the sun over my skin. I enjoyed the hugs and kisses I received from my four children. I enjoyed the time alone, when the sitter came to give me a break. I enjoyed the sweet letter my husband sent me from China. I enjoyed a wonderful worship service and observing two precious baptisms. I enjoyed writing my paper for my graduate class. (This was astounding!) The stars all lined up perfectly today! Thank you Lord, for the gift of another “Fantastic” day!


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Lessons I’ve Learned From Temporarily Single Parenting


My husband has been teaching in China for a little over four weeks. We have 12 more days until he will be home. Lessons I’ve learned from my six week stent of single parenting.

1. Dads are needed!

Despite what the world teaches about men being useless and continually making men out to be dumb… I tend to differ. My man is wise, respected, and loved by each member of our family. I am not near as good of a parent alone as I am with him by my side.

2. Single moms have a tough job.

Folks, this single parenting thing is for the birds. The pressure has all been on my shoulders and I’m truly on duty 24/7. Talk about stressful. If you come across a single parent, be God in flesh to her. Simply, knowing someone is thinking about you is an awesome encouragement and makes a big difference.

3. I’ve realized how much I’ve taken my husbands support for granted.

On a regular basis I have found myself frustrated with things I feel my husband hasn’t helped adequately with around the house and with the kids. The lack of his presence has reminded me, that his presence is EXTREMELY helpful. I’ve also been reminded of how wonderful of a father he is to our children and what a supportive husband he is to me.

4. I realize how many wives, critique everything their husbands do and don’t do (myself included), rather than praising and being supportive.

I have a whole new appreciation for the place in our family my husband holds. His absence has helped me to see how helpful he is around the house. I am going to make it a point to praise him for being a wonderful and Godly man.

5. Life is boring without him.

The kids and I miss his upbeat demeanor and his humorous nature. Often I take his humor for granted. I miss the continual joking and laughter dad brings into our home.

Say thank you to your husband today! Take a moment to hug him and tell him all that you appreciate about him. I can’t wait to hug my husband and tell him how much we have missed his presence in our home.