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Dearest Daughter


My Dearest Daughter,

I prayed for a daughter! Your three brothers prayed for a baby sister. Your daddy desired conformity over variety. Yet, the moment the doctor held you up and introduced you to the world, your daddy was smitten. Little girl, I want you to know, how truly loved you are! I want you to know how much your big brothers cherish you. You can’t appreciate it now, the way, your brothers look at you when you walk in the room all prettied up and ready for church, but girl they think you are the most precious and beautiful creation in this world. Why do I tell you this? You see, I sit back and observe girls trying so hard to find acceptance in this rotten world. I see the girls trading in their natural beauty, to be accepted by an over-sexualized society. Sweetie, if there is one thing I want you to know in this life, it is that you are beautiful just the way God created you. You are cherished just the way you are, you are loved unconditionally for who you are on the inside! All to often, I sit back and observe girls, trading in their inner beauty for acceptance from a world, that will NEVER accept you. I want you to know the acceptance from God, is the only acceptance that truly leaves you feeling accepted. Trust me… I’ve done my share of searching. I’ve sought acceptance from a world that continually left me feeling that I will NEVER measure up. When you are looking for role models, please look for those who trust in God! Those who have found the key to true acceptance. Those who stand for something, that will leave this world a better place! Girl, you are amazing! You are beautiful! You are loved! I pray you will be such a role model, to girls who are desperately searching for true and undefined beauty. My sweet daughter, I pray I will never look into your face and see uncertain and empty eyes. I pray when I look into your eyes, I will see a window into a soul of a woman who’s built her inner confidence on the fact that she is unconditionally loved and accepted, by Her Heavenly Father, a mother who desired a daughter, a daddy who is smitten over your sweet nature and blue eyes, and three brothers who think you are the sweetest princess in the world. Sweet heart, you are beautiful! You are the answer to our prayers! Please, never forget this letter, our love, and the God who loves you and will always accept you, just the way you are!