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Written From A Heavy heart


This blog post is not an easy post for me to write, but my heart is heavy!  My spirit is sad!  My heart is breaking for this world!  My heart breaks for people who lack faith in God.  Those who face each day, with a void so vast, and an emptiness so debilitating.  The problem is, these people are blind to their own emptiness.  They look around, they’re disparately yearning, reaching, and striving for anything to complete them.  Yet, everything they find, only temporarily eases their emptiness.  

My heart is breaking….  When I sit back and observe people wandering aimlessly and living a personal life of self-destruction, it breaks my heart.  I “stop” and ponder, how does it make God feel?  I pray daily for lost souls. To pray… it’s all I can do!  

Right now, the thing that is “most” heavy on my heart, are the people who say they’re Christians, yet live defeated lives. They claim to walk with the Lord, they put on the outer, “look at me, I’m going to church routine”, yet, they still seem to be wandering aimlessly.  

People often put words in God’s mouth, “God told I am supposed to….”, only to turn around and abruptly move to yet another, “God told me I’m supposed to…moment”, yet, they never complete any of the “tasks” God told them to do.  They’re fickle…  Continually swaying.  Like the autumn trees.. Swaying… tossed about… yet to end up back on the ground.  

Correct me if I am wrong but, I have been reading my Bible for twenty years…  If God called someone to do something… They “eventually” completed the task.  Usually, the individual fought the calling, and thought, “God… me?  I can’t, I’m simply not strong enough…  I think you’ve got the wrong guy!”  Let’s name a few… shall we?  Jonah… He outright disobeyed God and was thrown into the mighty waters and swallowed by a fish, only to be spit out on the ground in Ninavah, right where he refused to go.  Mary the mother of Jesus… she didn’t eagerly take on the challenge.  She was scared, confused, humble…. Yet, she obeyed God in humility and gave birth to the “Son of God”.  Noah… Built an ark like an idiot, facing the risk of being placed in the local mental home. Yet, Noah completed that life-saving ark, and showed everyone… “God is who He says He is!” God can do what He says he can do! I can do what god says I can do!” Get the picture?

Why do people say, God told me to….,  Only to add another “incomplete” to their list of “God told me too’s”?

Maybe… Just maybe, it’s because… GOD NEVER TOLD THEM TO DO IT, IN THE FIRST PLACE!  

Maybe they are just aimlessly wandering…. trying to meet their worldly needs, rather than completely surrendering to the Father.  Just a thought!

My heart is breaking, because all around me I see “so-called” believers living in mediocrity. Comforting their desire for “hope” in the luxuries of the world, rather than truly desiring God and seeking wholeness from the  maker of the “whole” world. I see it and it breaks my heart.

Friends, I have been a Christian for twenty years and I have learned throughout this life, that there is no hope, outside of God’s hope.  I see “so-called” Christian church girls dressing immodestly to attract attention, from who?  Aren’t we as Christ followers, supposed to desire the attention from God?  God is not attracted to your cleavage, or your six pack. What about those of us who are chasing after material possessions… more money… bigger house… expensive clothes and jewelry?

Why… Is God not enough?  As believers, He’s supposed to be all we need, but do we live that way? What about the music we listen to?  The movies we watch?  The people we hang with?  Do they direct us to the Father, or do they become mountains to climb, and hindrances in our path to reaching the foot of the cross?

When will we start living like we “really” believe?

Friends… Everyday… I surrender to Him!  I have learned…. that life outside of His will… Is PAINFUL… MISERABLE…  and UNBEARABLE!!!  

I have attempted to live life, to please me, and each time it’s left me empty!

I have experienced the blessings, the healing, the wholeness, the peace, the joy, the overwhelming love… the result of true surrender to God.  

Friends…. Listen…. God’s love is real! His love is pure… Satisfying… And “everything” your desperately longing for… Will you surrender? Will you hand the wheel over to the Father? Will you allow God to reveal the bountiful blessings He longs to bestow upon those who believe… To those who surrender to His will?


Romans 8:28, “All things work for good to those who love Him, to those who called according to His purposes.”




The Art of Tiptoeing

My friend Vickie wrote this blog post and I identified with it totally tonight! This is a good message about tough relationships! Blessings, Crystal

I’m not a fan of tiptoeing–not the physical form of the word–but in the very emotional and relational sense of the word.

Sometimes in life we find ourselves in relationships that cause us to “tiptoe around” sensitive topics.

1-Lucy and Grace--shhh 2013

I know why we do it–usually to avoid confrontation or offense, but deep down I feel like it’s an art we’ve fine-tuned a little too well: to the point that we avoid being genuine at all.

Maybe it’s being kind, but maybe it’s really just avoiding.  Avoiding deep, personal relationships that can often be messy and difficult, but ones that provide a lifetime of friendship.

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