Holy Spirit, Speak on My Behalf


My heart is aching.  Holy spirit, speak on my behalf!  Speak to the Father, the words my heart can’t deliver.  I know you never promised us a life without pain!  Lord, you know I have felt pain so infinitely intense at times, I felt my heart would stop beating.  Yet, my heart continues to beat, in the midst of the pain I feel the quickening beats within my chest.  In my gut, I feel utterly sick!  Lord, you know the feeling, right?  Your son faced this pain, in it’s utmost form.  Lord, why must we face pain at this intense of a level?  Why does the truth have to hurt so immensely?  Why does it take this type of pain to birth growth?  I love the experience of growth, but the destination is utterly heart wrenching.  Holy spirit, breathe your life into me!  Breathe into my heart your peace!

Lord, you’ve shown your faithfulness to me time and time again! Lord, I desperately need you here. I need yet another God-sized miracle! Lord, I’ve experienced your love in doses so overwhelming, my heart felt it would burst. Right now, I feel the same, as a result of pain and heartbreak. Lord, your word says “2 Corinthians 4:8, We are hard pressed on every side, yet not crushed; we are perplexed, but not in despair;.” Right now my heart is crushed, I am perplexed; Lord, answer the cry of my heart for healing and wholeness. Lord, in the midst of this pain show me how to live in the midst of life’s unpleasant trials, without un-Godly despair! As the tears escape, I will sing your praises! In this trial, I will seek God-sized healing! Waiting in sorrow is never easy, but I will wait this one out, and trust that you are already there! I will wait, knowing you will arise three days later, in your usual way, with hope everlasting! Lord, I can’t face any of life’s trials without you! Despite the pain and fear of today, I have faith, that you will reveal another miracle! I have peace knowing that… Joy will come in the morning!

Your Daughter,