Happy Birthday to My Loving Husband, Robert William Ridlon IV

Today is a “very” special day! 35 years ago today, my best friend, biggest supporter, encourager, the person who has loved me more than anyone else on earth, my lover, my husband, was born into this world. I can “promise” you, that my husband Robert Ridlon IV has in fact made this world a betterContinue reading “Happy Birthday to My Loving Husband, Robert William Ridlon IV”

My Love or God’s Love?

The Lord revealed something to me about myself this past week. It wasn’t easy, but He was gentle in accordance with His character. A little background history: I was saved at the age of 15 in a little Baptist church down the street from my church. My upbringing wasn’t, let’s say “easy”. You see myContinue reading “My Love or God’s Love?”