Happy Birthday to My Loving Husband, Robert William Ridlon IV


Today is a “very” special day! 35 years ago today, my best friend, biggest supporter, encourager, the person who has loved me more than anyone else on earth, my lover, my husband, was born into this world. I can “promise” you, that my husband Robert Ridlon IV has in fact made this world a better place. This man has an amazing ability to love… He is the MOST committed man, I’ve ever known! He loves God and is committed to following Christ, whole-heartedly! He loves me as the Bride of Christ! He loves our children, our children look up to Him and love their daddy! Words, fail to describe how blessed my life has been, how blessed our children’s lives have been, because this man “LOVES” completely and is 100% “COMMITED” to serving God, his wife, our children, and the world around him. Thank you, Robert Ridlon IV, for providing the MOST amazing life, for me and our children! We absolutely LOVE and APPRECIATE you! We are so grateful for your life!

Your Beloved Wife,