What Does It Mean To Love Ourselves?


This afternoon, my little girl and I went shopping at Target.  We both LOVE Target!  As we walked to the car, her little tired eyes began to get the best of her.  I gently buckled her in her seat.  At this point, I usually buckle her and tell her what a good girl she was in the store, kiss her cheek, and look her big blue eyes, and tell her “I love her!”  I suppose, she’s figured out my routine…  Before, I could say anything, she say’s, “I love me!”  You can imagine how cute she was hugging her baby doll, and saying, “I Love me!”

A few thoughts came to me, as I got in the car and headed home.

1.)  How happy and proud I am that my little girl loves herself!  More than anything, I want her to grow up knowing she is deeply loved, by God, me, daddy, and her three brothers. I want her to love herself!

2.)  Why do I never say, “I love me!”, to myself?  Okay… So if I ran around saying, “I love me!”, people would think I was nuts.  However, God loves me!  So, I should love myself.

Me being Mrs. Analytical, I began pondering and praying…  “Lord, why is it that the words, “I love me”, sound utterly ridiculous?  God didn’t give me any profound wisdom, but I thought to myself, “This sounds like a good question for my blogger friends!”


What do you think about telling ourselves, “I Love me!”  Do you think it is okay to tell ourselves we “actually” love ourselves?  If not, Why?  Is it a process of our spiritual walks, learning what it means to love ourselves?  Maybe it’s hard to really love ourselves, because we all REALY know our innards the true state of our heart?  Is it possible that we are too hard on ourselves?

For today’s blog…  I want to hear from you!  What do you think?  I would really appreciate your input, I think God can teach us a lot through an open forum about…  “What does it mean to love ourselves?”

What do you think?