Journey to God’s Plan for My Life

2nd Week Long Intensive at Liberty University…  After this class I will be halfway to earning my degree.  30/60 hours completed!  The journey is moving right along.   Sitting in Lynchburg, Va preparing for my second week long intensive course.  I am excited to be here!  God wanted me in this session, during these specificContinue reading “Journey to God’s Plan for My Life”

Tender Moments that Melts a Momma’s Heart

It’s the simple moments of parenting that catch my attention.  This morning my six year old got out the crayons, drew me a picture of the Bible (I didn’t know it was a Bible until he told me), but the picture melted my heart.  On the front of the Bible it said, “I Love MyContinue reading “Tender Moments that Melts a Momma’s Heart”

Thanking God For the Petty Frustrating Things of the World

God’s word is comforting my spirit today and reminding me of what is important… His will!  Thought I would share the verses God spoke into my weary spirit this morning.   John 16:33, “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace.  In this world you will have trouble.  ButContinue reading “Thanking God For the Petty Frustrating Things of the World”

Happy 6th Birthday to My Sweetest Little Daniel Man

  Daniel, You are six years old!  It seems only yesterday, I held your tiny little 6 pd 15 ounce jaundiced body in my arms.  Little boy…  What can I say?   Your life has brought so much laughter, joy, and love into our worlds.  You older brothers were never big cuddlers, but you wereContinue reading “Happy 6th Birthday to My Sweetest Little Daniel Man”

Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You

Today I wanted to pass along a simple message… To be loved, you must love! To have friends, you must be a friend! To have a thankful heart, you must be thankful! To be served, you must serve! To feel close to God, you must spend time with God! These simple messages are in factContinue reading “Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You”

Life Is Worth The Living, Just Because He Lives!

Words fail me this evening, but my heart is full of the emotions of life.   At times…  I can’t seem to put into words all that I’m feeling.  I can’t seem to make sense of everything that is going on around me. I can’t seem to make sense of relationships gone awry.  I can’tContinue reading “Life Is Worth The Living, Just Because He Lives!”

Sensitive, Spirited, & Tender Hearted

People say… I’m too sensitive. You know what? They’re right. I certainly am sensitive. My heart feels deeply. What does it mean… “To be too sensitive?” Could it mean this heart easily beats emotion? Could it be the sensitive spirit of The Lord? The power of the Holy Spirit beating deep inside. People say… I’mContinue reading “Sensitive, Spirited, & Tender Hearted”