Happy 6th Birthday to My Sweetest Little Daniel Man




You are six years old!  It seems only yesterday, I held your tiny little 6 pd 15 ounce jaundiced body in my arms.  Little boy…  What can I say?  

Your life has brought so much laughter, joy, and love into our worlds.  You older brothers were never big cuddlers, but you were a cuddler from the moment the Dr. first placed you in my arms.  Still, you love to hug and show affection.  You still love to take afternoon naps with mommy and always want me to rub your back.  I call you my “Little Love Bug”, because you are!  Daniel, as long as I can remember you have called me momma and at six years old you still call me “momma”.  Every time I hear “momma” come out of your mouth it melts my heart!  You, little boy melt my heart!  

Daddy nicknamed you Danny Panda and what a fitting name for you.   Our very own sweet, cuddly, and adorable panda bear.

Daniel, Mommy loves you so much!  I am so thankful God chose to put you in our family!  

Happy Birthday, little buddy!

Love Always,