Take A Moment To Say… “Thank you God!”

The weather is wonderful on this fine April day!   The wind is a heavenly feeling as it gently brushes against my cheeks, and blows my hair into oblivion.  On these beautiful days, I can only think about the most amazing artist, “The Heavenly Father”!  His creation, gentle breeze, and gorgeous blue skies are absolutelyContinue reading “Take A Moment To Say… “Thank you God!””

I Trust “Him” With My Heart

Recently I spent a week at Liberty University for an intensive in the pursuit of earning my degree as a mental health counselor.  These classes aren’t called intensives for no reason, they are INTENSE!  The work load alone in these classes is intense but, the hardest part is the level of sensitivity to your emotions.Continue reading “I Trust “Him” With My Heart”

My First Critique: Mr. Tim Challies… A Man Who “Makes A Living” Off of Judging Others

  Okay… So today I am going to write a blog about an individual who makes a living by “judging” others.  This man’s name is Tim Challiies.  Many of you have heard of him and many of whom I highly respect!  However, I have a HUGE problem with this man and his attempt at tearingContinue reading “My First Critique: Mr. Tim Challies… A Man Who “Makes A Living” Off of Judging Others”

Help Me, Help Them… “I’ll Praise You In This Storm”

In the worst of circumstances, I can still see God’s blessings and goodness!  At times I may have to look harder, but their there, nonetheless. This week my family has been dealing with this new strain of Norwalk Virus, I think the name is Sydney, or it’s originated in Sydney… Something like that.  Anyway, it’sContinue reading “Help Me, Help Them… “I’ll Praise You In This Storm””

The Most Effective Defense Mechanism

I’ve been thinking about an encounter I endured recently with an overbearing and difficult person. Let me share… Recently, I was forced to come face to face with an overbearing individual!  This individual was bitter, bossy, easily offended, and downright aggressive! I was intimidated by this person, actually I was AFRAID of this person! YouContinue reading “The Most Effective Defense Mechanism”

Can You Love Me With My “Little Girl Limp”

    I have a limp. It’s not an obvious limp. You can’t see it when I walk. Honestly, it took me 36 years to see it. I never saw it, I never recognized it, but all my life I’ve felt it. Deep in my heart, I’VE FELT IT. In the face of tempermental andContinue reading “Can You Love Me With My “Little Girl Limp””