When Reconciliation on Earth is not a Possibility; Reconciliation In My Heart is a “Very Real” Possibility

Sometimes peace is found through the most unexpected means and strangely in a manner you may have least hoped to acquire it. This week, peace came to me through a broken heart.  It’s true…  My heart was crushed… And peace was the end result. The scriptures states, “As far as it is among you, beContinue reading “When Reconciliation on Earth is not a Possibility; Reconciliation In My Heart is a “Very Real” Possibility”

What Amount of the Holy Spirit Do You “Really” Want?

Sitting in church service…  The pastor made a comment that resonated with my soul and I continue over past weeks to ponder the profoundness of the words.  He said…  “We can have the Holy Spirit in our hearts in the amount we want Him.”  Hmmmm….. What does this mean? Let’s take a look at someContinue reading “What Amount of the Holy Spirit Do You “Really” Want?”

Happy Father’s Day 2014… To My Heavenly Father

Father’s Day has never been my favorite holiday.  In fact, it’s a holiday that used to cause deep-rooted sadness in my heart. Father’s Day is a “wonderful” day for people who were blessed with wonderful fathers, but for those of us whose fathers rejected, abandoned, abused, or neglected us…  It was certainly not enjoyable.  IContinue reading “Happy Father’s Day 2014… To My Heavenly Father”

Stand Firm

For many years, my husband has made a habit of reading a monthly men’s devotional called “Stand Firm”.   Today is Father’s Day 2014.  On the couch I noticed his “Stand Firm” devotional. I thought to myself… I’m proud of my husband who has always made a habit of spending time with God. My husbandContinue reading “Stand Firm”

Try God… He “REALLY” Works

I woke up this morning in a super grumpy mood… My whiney little girl… Whose recovering from a bout with the stomach bug… Certainly wasn’t helping my mood… Neither were my younger two boys banging the floors of their room above my head or my messy house screaming to be cleaned. It didn’t take meContinue reading “Try God… He “REALLY” Works”

My First and Last Love… Happy 14th Wedding Anniversary

First time you held my hand…  The moment… forever ingrained in my heart. The feeling… I will never forget…  I can’t possibly forget… I recall the powerful surge, the force of true and unconditional love shooting through my fingers… Landing in the center of my heart. Your touch created emotions in my soul so deep…Continue reading “My First and Last Love… Happy 14th Wedding Anniversary”

Invite The Kids To Join You… As You Meet With Me

The children went to bed later than normal last night.  Three of the four woke up in rotten moods.  Complaining, grumping, yelling at each other, and “honestly” it seemed they were trying to ruin my morning.  I sat on my front porch, Bible in hand, and attempted to have a moment of quiet.  I longedContinue reading “Invite The Kids To Join You… As You Meet With Me”

I’ll Take That Charlie Horse

It’s 2:45a.m. I lie here… Darkness surrounding me. Having just returned to my bed… Everyone else in my home sleeping… Here I lay… Here I ponder. 45 minutes ago I was sound asleep… My sweet daughter began screaming in pain. As I attempted to quickly alert my droggy self awake. It felt like hours beforeContinue reading “I’ll Take That Charlie Horse”