Invite The Kids To Join You… As You Meet With Me

The children went to bed later than normal last night.  Three of the four woke up in rotten moods.  Complaining, grumping, yelling at each other, and “honestly” it seemed they were trying to ruin my morning.  I sat on my front porch, Bible in hand, and attempted to have a moment of quiet.  I longedContinue reading “Invite The Kids To Join You… As You Meet With Me”

I’ll Take That Charlie Horse

It’s 2:45a.m. I lie here… Darkness surrounding me. Having just returned to my bed… Everyone else in my home sleeping… Here I lay… Here I ponder. 45 minutes ago I was sound asleep… My sweet daughter began screaming in pain. As I attempted to quickly alert my droggy self awake. It felt like hours beforeContinue reading “I’ll Take That Charlie Horse”