Suppression of Emotions… Is There a Better Option?

As I work towards completing my counseling degree, I am realizing the importance of “emotions”.   It’s true…  Emotions are VITALLY IMPORTANT aspect of our lives! Emotions actually are God’s way of tuning you into an awareness of “What is actually going on inside of you?” and God’s way of  “Revealing our deepest needs, tellingContinue reading “Suppression of Emotions… Is There a Better Option?”

Are You An Internet Troll? Are You Tired of Internet Trolls?

What is an internet troll? Wikipedia refers to a “Troll” as:  In internet slang, a troll-is a person who sows discord on the Internet by starting arguments or upsetting people.  I ask you again…. Are you an internet troll? Are you tired of internet trolls? I am an avid Facebooker.  Facebook has proven to be aContinue reading “Are You An Internet Troll? Are You Tired of Internet Trolls?”

Happy Birthday Caroline!

Sweet Caroline,      Today you will turn 3 years old!  Everyday you pretend you are a princess.  I tell you, little girl, you are “most certainly” a princess.  You are God’s princess!  Everyday you not only do you proclaim, “I am a princess!”, but you tell me, “Mommy, You are a princess too!”.  Caroline,Continue reading “Happy Birthday Caroline!”

Cherish the Memories; Embrace the Journey

Tomorrow my oldest son Robby begins 7th grade at the local junior high school.  This transition, I have dreaded. I have repressed underneath feelings of worry, fear, and sadness. Today I must face this transition head on… Tomorrow is as sure as today… No longer will the act of “repression” calm my worries, fears, andContinue reading “Cherish the Memories; Embrace the Journey”