Happy Birthday Caroline!


Sweet Caroline,

     Today you will turn 3 years old!  Everyday you pretend you are a princess.  I tell you, little girl, you are “most certainly” a princess.  You are God’s princess!  Everyday you not only do you proclaim, “I am a princess!”, but you tell me, “Mommy, You are a princess too!”.  Caroline, you have made our home a more wonderful place!  Mommy & Daddy are so happy God placed you, Sweet Caroline into our home.  Your life has made ALL of ours better!  Mommy, is no longer the only lady in the house, surrounded by lots of boy toys, movies, and books.  You sweet girl have touched places inside your daddy’s heart, I know he never knew existed.  Your brothers, have adored you, cared for you, and grown to appreciate the “pink” that is you!  You have invited countless hues of pink into our house, offsetting all the blacks, blues, and greens.  Today you grow another number, you gain another year, another year of fond memories to stuff away into my most cherished moments!  We are so proud of you Caroline!  Everyday we thank the Father for the gift you “you”… sweet “Caroline”!  

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!