Feeling Blessed; After A Broken Heart

Last night I faced intense heartache…  I don’t feel the need to delve into the issue, but my heart felt like it had “literally” been shattered.  After bawling in my husband’s arms and crying into my pillow, my sweet husband felt sad that my heart had been hurt.  After work tonight, my husband brought meContinue reading “Feeling Blessed; After A Broken Heart”

Hope For Defeated and Broken Hearts

This old heart of mine is breaking…  fingers tapping words onto an empty screen.  Tapping words… words desperately needed to explain the pain within the innermost places of my heart. Most popular keys… “Delete”… that’s not right. “Backspace”…  too much information… too raw… Too vulnerable. My fingers continue to tap letters… letters intended to formContinue reading “Hope For Defeated and Broken Hearts”