The Gift of the Present for Christmas 2014

Another Christmas will soon pass me by. The joys of watching my children sleep under the Christmas tree, making our traditional Christmas cookies, and opening their presents will soon be just another memory. So often I wish I could freeze time, make my little treasures remain young, innocent, and full of life. It’s a goodContinue reading “The Gift of the Present for Christmas 2014”

A Day In The Life Of A Christian Mommy’s Thoughts

Alarm rings… My first thought… “Ugh… It’s so early…  I hate mornings…  Do I really have to wake up?  I really need to get out of this bed… but I can’t, I’m soooooo tired…  Oh… boy, what is that loud banging above my head?” {Thud} {Thud} {Bang}… “Seriously, why must I wake up to loudContinue reading “A Day In The Life Of A Christian Mommy’s Thoughts”

Lord, Without You… I Couldn’t Survive!

Lord if you ever left my side, I wouldn’t make it. I certainly couldn’t survive. You are my rock… My Fortress… My Comforter… My Savior…   Lord, You never abandoned me… When others fled… you remained… Lord, You have always remained faithful.   You love me with my limp… the leftovers from an abusive childhood.Continue reading “Lord, Without You… I Couldn’t Survive!”

My Honest and Authentic Prayer to the Father

Friends, One thing you will find on my blog is 100% authentic honesty.  I have never been a good pretender, if something is not right inside my heart, it is evident on my face.  Over the years, I have tried to hide my feelings and emotions.   I have learned… “I can’t!”  I have heardContinue reading “My Honest and Authentic Prayer to the Father”

Thank You God for My Husband

This morning, for no reason in particular…. I am feeling extra thankful for my husband. My husband is one of the most humble people I know… He never draws additional attention to himself.  He is my {unsung hero}!  He quietly serves his family!  I have seen his heart being drawn to help someone and haveContinue reading “Thank You God for My Husband”