This is a friend

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This is a friend.

I found out what a true friend… “truly”… is.

Not through one single person… but through a few good women.

A few good women… a few good hearts.

Their hearts are a beautiful representation of the heart of God.  These beautiful women are obeying God’s call… taking on the extra stress of homework… on top of their other life duties… full time jobs, wives, and mothers.

By the great. .. great… great grace of God… he placed these women in my life.

Women not afraid to be human… not afraid to encourage, love, or to take on the pain of others.

Their laughter… eruptive.

Their tears… real.

Their love… unconditional.

Their joy… contagious.

Their hearts… pure.

I have found… “golden” friendships.

God-fearing… caring… beautiful friendships.

Forever friendships…

I am truly thankful!!!

“Lord, Thank you for leading me these women.  Women you’ve called to be your counselors… women you’ve trusted with the hearts of your hurting children.  Thank you for the blessing… for joining together the hearts of this group of ladies.  Thank you for Liberty University’s Christian Counseling program, a place to reunite with my dear sisters in Christ. Thank you for these Godly women who aren’t afraid to… hold a hand…  or embrace a friend through their tears.  Women who aren’t afraid to encourage one another in despair…  and aren’t afraid to kiss a friend’s cheek.  These women have shown me the “truest” example of Christian sisterhood!  I thank you, Lord, when I look into their eyes, I see a resemblance of my own heart.  I see a love for God so strong, so determined, so caring, and so compassionate.  I see…. your future counselors… these ladies you’ve hand picked… to walk beside your weary flock.  I pray you….continue to guide, protect, and bless these sisters. .. these women I love with my whole heart.   Continue to increase their faith, knowledge, and trust in you. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!  Thank you for these daughters of yours… my “counseling” sisters in Christ!!!”


Last Intensive of my Counseling Career


Recently I have neglected my blog, but I have had a good excuse.  My Master’s Degree as a Mental Health Counselor is in it’s final stages.  I am flying out today to attend my last of my 4 on campus intensives.  I will take the CPCE National Counselor Exam January 24th…. Prayers appreciated!  When I return I immediately begin at my 2 internship sites.  This next step is mixed with abundant nerves and excitement!  I am leaving my hubby and kiddos for the last time for an intensive… this makes my heart glad!  Friends, God is good!  He has brought me to this place in my life… He is leading me every step of the way… Even when I lost faith, doubted his plan, and struggled, He was there to pick me up!  He’s real!  He’s there!  He LOVES!!!  Thank you for your prayers!

Blessings, Crystal


Happy Birthday Christopher & “Welcome to the double digits – 10”


Today is the 10th birthday of Christopher Lucas!  This little boy has one unique outlook on life.  He views the world in a do what’s right fashion, has a sensitive & tender heart, and is smart… and I mean smart!

I wouldn’t doubt if he knew more facts than I…  Actually… he does… he amazes me at times with the facts that pop out of his mouth.

He loves to read!  He LOVES to read!  Loves playing legos with his brothers.  Has a determination to please his mom and dad… but hasn’t a care in the world about what others think of him.

I admire his outlook on life… As his mom… I feel his positive outlook on life will help him succeed in life!

Welcome to 10 buddy!  I am so very proud of you… who you are… and all that you stand for in this life!

Happy Birthday,

Love Forever, Mom


New Changes in 2015


I am one of those crazy mothers, who actually enjoys school breaks.  I feel like it is time to catch up with my kiddos, reteach some forgotten lessons and life skills.  I enjoy spending quality time together as a family. This three week Christmas 2015 break was no different.  It was a holiday season to remember!  Cherished memories were made and much needed mental rest was acquired.  Most importantly a time to worship and give thanks to the wonderful Savior, who saved our souls!!!

Christmas 2014 was a great time of reflection… Time to reflect on the good,the bad, and much needed change in my life.  2014 was a year of healing!  I am looking forward to 2015 being a year to reap the rewards of the healing.  I am looking forward to 2015 being a year of positive change – and a year to become a new and better “me”…

I would like to start 2015 out with some positive pictures of new change that occurred in our home this morning!

10923630_10153811538137195_4610706035074279832_n (1)

Caroline began a new preschool this morning.  A New Year calls for new change!

10891708_10153811525292195_220528787822876287_n (1)

These boys woke up on their own… Came down the stairs all dressed for school and were eating breakfast at 7:00 a.m., a whole hour early.  So proud of them… Let’s hope & pray this trend continues!

Feeling blessed this January 5th, 2015!  Thanking God for the hope of change!

1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 “Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.”

In the midst of all this new change… It is comforting to know there is one thing that will never change… Our Lord.  His mercies are new every morning.

Hebrews 13:8 “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever!”

Praise The Lord!!!