Happy 4th Birthday Caroline!!!

Caroline the big 4 years-old!


You my dearest daughter are truly a gift from heaven!

I thank God everyday for….

Your continuous smiling face,

Your giggle that always fills me with joy,

Your silly little sayings,

Your ability to fill a room with happiness,

Your princess like manners.

I thank God for the little things that make you… you…

The way you sing all around the house,

The way you simply adore our doggy,

The way you care for those around you,

The way I see you make friends with everyone,

The way you cuddle so close and hug so tight,

The way you love to dress up and pretend,

The way you beg momma to sing you… just one more song,

The way you… love your daddy,

The way you love playing Legos with your big brothers,

The way you only wear dresses,

For all the wonderful things…

That make you CAROLINE!!!

I thank God for… the gift of you!

I love you, sweet girl!