Lessons Learned From Little House on the Prairie

In this day and age, it has become increasingly difficult to find wholesome television shows and movies.  As a mother, I am cautious of television and have been continually let down with most of the choices available currently for families and children.  My husband grew up watching old shows with his parents and thus, heContinue reading “Lessons Learned From Little House on the Prairie”

Broken & Fully Cracked

I feel attacked! Everything around me falls apart. I feel broken and fully cracked.   The painful ache within my chest. It’s tightened grip. Steals much needed rest.   I think to myself, “I’m done!” Sometimes think, “I’ll run away!” This stress weighs a ton.   You say, “You only need to pray!” Countless prayersContinue reading “Broken & Fully Cracked”