Warmth From Within


Today is a typical cold, dreary, and gray autumn day!  Despite the cold crisp breeze hitting my face and the numbness overtaking my toes, I am full of warmth on the inside! This is not a feeling I take for granted, much of my life I didn’t know what a “warm” heart felt like.  My childhood was cold, teenage years hard, and the college years seemed like an uphill climb.  Today…. I am thankful for my current life stance!  It’s certainly not perfect, but it is good… very good!  Today, I feel encouraged knowing that God loves me, is blessing me, and he’s guiding me daily!  As I sit in a warm coffee shop, overlooking the people walk by through the massive glass windows and studying God’s word, I am overcome with feelings of warmth, peace, and joy.

Today’s blog is short… Where are you in your life today?  It is my prayer that you feel God’s peace in a very real way , that you will yearn for the peace that is found only through God’s love.

Is there anyway I could pray for you today?  If so, please simply comment your prayer request below and I will lift you up in prayer today!

Blessings & Love,

Crystal Ridlon