Happy 15th Birthday Christopher

15 years ago this young man came rushing into the world! Funny thing is, he hasn’t rushed at anything since. He’s more slow & methodical, deep, intellectual, easy-going, and so unbelievably hilarious! He’s not photogenic in the slightest and his pictures used to drive me crazy. Since I’ve come to better understand “who he is”Continue reading “Happy 15th Birthday Christopher”

Lessons Learned from Remembering 2019

As I’ve pondered 2019 in depth, God has revealed several important concepts to my heart. This has come at just the right time, partly through personal prayer & Bible study, and through a sermon I heard today! I was convicted of how I have failed to remember God’s blessings this year, in the midst ofContinue reading “Lessons Learned from Remembering 2019”

New Year’s Resolution 2020

New Year’s resolution… Couldn’t have said it better myself! Resolution based off of today’s devotional reading…2 Peter 1:3-11 My heart and goals for 2020! To fully comprehend that God will meet every need of my heart! To trust in His promises, rather than doubt Him due to my own insecurities. It is only when IContinue reading “New Year’s Resolution 2020”