Are You Running Out Of Gas?

A year ago after a four hour drive to my hometown, my car stalled. I couldn’t figure out the problem. The gas gauge revealed a 1/4 of a tank. My van stalled in front of a gas station. What luck? A kind man pulled off the road to offer a helping hand. Upon further evaluationContinue reading “Are You Running Out Of Gas?”

Your Past… Your Present… Your Future – “Happy Valentine’s Day, Robert W. Ridlon III”

His hand in mine… We walked. Young… Vibrant… So full of life. We laughed… We dreamed of our future. Countless hours spent… Falling in love in the park. I remember… Your eyes… The depth of your love for me. The eyes of a 16 year old boy… madly in love. People said… It’s just aContinue reading “Your Past… Your Present… Your Future – “Happy Valentine’s Day, Robert W. Ridlon III””

Clean Home… Happy Kids… Managing Priorities

Five winter coats blocking the stairs. I yell at my kids, “Boys get down here and hang up your coats! I’m not a slave, I am a mom!”, as they look at me with a shocked look. This is my life… This is my daily routine… My world! Friends, I am a neat freak (orContinue reading “Clean Home… Happy Kids… Managing Priorities”

Aspirations… Dreams… And Discerning God’s Direction

Write a book. Sing professionally… Earn a degree… Start an award winning blog… Begin a Bible study… Or a Christian mom’s group… What are your aspirations? Lately, I’ve been thinking about my life. Not “lately” but forever… all the time. I’ve wrestled with who I am… who does God want me to be… who doContinue reading “Aspirations… Dreams… And Discerning God’s Direction”

Loving Your Husband, Despite the Distractions of the World

All morning I have been thinking about my love life. It’s true, even mom’s with four children, have a love life. I know, you must be shocked! Maintaining my love life, becomes harder as life becomes more complicated. Life… Kids… Commitments… Worry… Cleaning… and Everyday concerns. All these distractions, distract me from adequately loving myContinue reading “Loving Your Husband, Despite the Distractions of the World”

Too Long… Not To See Your Smile

You left me… You’ve gone before. I wasn’t ready. My heart is bleeding. Your void intense. Your presence… I miss. I know I’ll see you again. Selfishly, it’s not soon enough. Too long…  Not to see your smile. I miss you… now. I long to talk to… now. I know we’ll meet again in Heaven.Continue reading “Too Long… Not To See Your Smile”

Within My Heart, You Will Always Be

Today I picked up the phone. I longed to talk to you. To hear your compassionate voice. Your voice has always been such a comfort to my heart. So unique… so deep… so tender. Such love escaped your lips. You understood my heart. Always knew what to say. Your words calmed my soul. As longContinue reading “Within My Heart, You Will Always Be”

What Does It Mean To Be A Parent?

Being a parent is a blessing. A unique opportunity. Rich… Deep…. Ultimately fulfilling. Being a parent means countless hours. Enriched with Fun… Lots of laughter… Deep rooted pride. Being a parent means love. Having children… Feels like your heart is walking around outside of our body. Joy… Oh, the joy of being a parent. BeingContinue reading “What Does It Mean To Be A Parent?”

God… The Answer To Life’s Complete Satiafaction

I needed you. I’ll never understand why you never needed me. I longed for your love… For your concern… For your attention… For you. I just wanted you… My child. You never wanted me. Occasionally you told me you did. You bragged of your love. But your words never matched your actions. Your actions speakContinue reading “God… The Answer To Life’s Complete Satiafaction”