The Flame Within Me

It’s time to take my blog to the next level.  I want to show the world the love God has so graciously bestowed upon me.  Friends, he doesn’t pick and choose who he loves, and who He wants to save from the pit.  He desires to save each and every one of us.  Will we open our heart to Him?  Will we experience the “flame” of love he desires for us to experience?  Psalm 104:4 “The winds are your messengers, flames of fire are your servants”.  I choose to be His messenger, to be his servant, his wind, and his flame.  I write from an honest, and vulnerable heart.  Writing as I speak to my Father, and what the Father speaks to my heart.  It is my prayer that this blog will be a beacon pointing you toward Heaven, and as you walk with me through “my journey of faith”, it is my prayer that your heart will be blessed.

God Bless,