10 Signs My Husband Loves Me

Yesterday I came across an article titled “10 Signs Your Husband Really Loves You”.  I am a sentimental softy by nature and these articles snag me every time.  I eagerly anticipated reading the article, with the hope that all 10 signs would fit into our marriage.  Much to my disappointment, only about 50% of the 10 signs fell into the category of “how my husband shows me that he loves me”.  Let me be real and honest with you for a minute, I was not sad or upset in the least.  I was not upset with the outcome, because I know 100% that my husband loves me, and I don’t need an article to prove it.  My husband, has proven himself to be continually loving over the past 17 years of our marriage.  Due to my astonishment over the article, {or maybe just to prove a point}, I decided to write my own… “Top Ten Signs That My Husband Loves Me”.  

Without further ado…

  1. He is faithful to God.

I fell in love with my husband because of his commitment to serving God!  We committed our dating relationship and our marriage to God!  The two of us have wavered in our faith at times and doubted God’s presence from time to time, but God has never let us down.  The two of us have hurt one another’s feelings, we’ve angered each other to the very core, we’ve been selfish; Through it all our commitment to God was the glue that held us together and continues to hold us together today.  In the midst of joy, pain, and sorrow… my amazing husband remained faithful to God.  He’s shown me love every time, he’s stood up to be the spiritual leader in our home. 

2. He is faithful to me.

Seventeen years ago, I walked down the aisle toward the man I would spend the rest of my life with.   That beautiful and exciting moment is forever ingrained in my memory.  I recall easily the joy and hope I felt as I walked toward my “soon to be” husband. As excited and certain as I was on that warm June evening, I honestly had very little understanding of the vow I would soon take to God, my future husband, my future children, and our friends and family.  Much to my amazement the disagreements and quarrels began as early as our honey moon {I was married to an only child after all}, and seemed to intensify over the next couple of years.  Don’t get me wrong we’ve shared countless moments of romance, joy, and fun; But marriage was much, much, much harder than either of us anticipated.  However, this man I vowed to spend the rest of my life with, stayed!  He stayed!  Through all the tears, trials, and disagreements… He stayed by my side! 

 3.  He is teachable!

My husband shows me love by having a teachable spirit.  {Perfect, no! Teachable, absolutely!}  The two of us met at a Christian camp at the age of 16, married at 21, and {literally} grew up together.  We’ve watched one another mature spiritually, emotionally, and physically through several major life phases.  One thing I know about this man is, he has a teachable spirit!  Through all the trials and difficulties we’ve endured as believers in Christ, as a couple, as parents, and as people. This man loved me enough to humble himself and allow God to teach him how to become the husband I needed him to be… If this isn’t love, I don’t know what is.

4. He is comforting when I’m upset!

Probably, the most outward sign that my husband uses to show his love to me, is that he is always there for me, especially when I’m sad.  He is the first place I want to run when I’ve encountered hurt on this Earth.  I recall several years ago when a friend betrayed me and after a very difficult phone conversation, I walked into his office with a pain so deep, raw, and intense and literally fell into his arms bawling.  He didn’t ask me to talk, or try to talk me out of my pain, or tell me I was overreacting.  He held me and let me cry!  The man’s shirt was soaked from the endless tears that fell from my eyes that evening.  He held me during the worst of the pain and held me until my heart began to heal.   It’s a moment ingrained on my heart forever!  I am not at all thankful for the reason for the tears, but I’m forever grateful for the compassion I received from my dear husband.  Another time I recall, was last spring when I found out my mother had cancer.  I called him bawling, but wordless, as there seemed to be no words to describe the pain I felt.  From past experiences, he knows this “silence” means extreme hurt and pain.   He doesn’t immediately try to fix my pain or offer problem solving tactics, he holds me and allows me to cry.  How do I know my husband loves me?  He cares about my feelings, holds me when I’m upset, and let’s me cry on his shoulder.

5. He accepts me for who I am.

This may come as a surprise to ya’ll, but I am not perfect!  I am guilty of losing my temper from time to time, I become overly emotional, and obsess about unimportant life circumstances.  Despite my imperfections my husband allows me to be human, to make mistakes, and never holds an itemized list of all my faults.  He accepts me warts and all!  This aspect of our marriage has been freeing and one of the things I am most thankful for.   He loves me despite extra weight gained, bad hair days, and the many signs of aging cropping up as I approach the age of fourty.  Growing up in a dysfunctional and abusive home, I never experienced the pleasure of being unconditionally loved and accepted!  His unconditional acceptance has allowed me to develop a greater sense of identity in myself and the freedom to become the woman God desires me to be.  I am truly thankful!

6. He makes me laugh.

The man I married has a “different” sense of humor.  It’s intelligent, logical, and witty; over the years I’ve grown quite accustomed to his unique humor .  It’s the kind of humor in which you have to listen and pay attention to fully comprehend, but he’s hilarious.  One thing I love most about him is his positive outlook on life.  He doesn’t look at life through a purely serious lens, but is able to crack jokes and have fun.  

Several months ago I was having a terrible day, another day when I was my own worst enemy.  As I vented to him about my inadequate feelings, “I am not a good mother!  I am not a good wife!  I am not a good counselor! blah blah blah!”  He suddenly got very quiet and began looking up a song on YouTube, suddenly his phone started playing Linda Ronstadt’s “You’re no good!  You’re no good!  You’re no good!  Baby, you’re no good!”  He could have spent hours speaking truth into my insecure spirit, but he knew in this particular moment that “laughter was the best medicine”!  The two of us started laughing hysterically!  Suddenly, Satan’s defeating thoughts were no longer defeating!  I felt loved, understood, and thankful for the gift of the most amazing husband.

7. He does “little”things to remind me of his love.

On one hand I wouldn’t refer to my husband as a ‘hopeless romantic”, but I would refer to him as romantic.  He’s not cheesy in his approach, even though at times this girl likes {cheesy}, but he shows his love in unique ways true to his character.  Little text messages, doing laundry, conquering household tasks, bringing me a cup of coffee, and creative gift giving.  The past seven years have been a challenging and wonderful course in learning his primary way of speaking love and it’s wonderful.

8.  He spends time with me.

He is my best friend and is always happy for the opportunity to spend time with me.  Actually, he is always beckoning me in a “loving” way to slow down, to sit, talk, and have a cup of coffee with him.  Regardless of how busy or stressed out he is with work or life, he schedules time to spend with his wife.  We go to dinner together and talk, we really talk.  We enjoy spending time talking and laughing together.  We can talk for hours, about anything and everything!  I cherish our talks and especially our coffee dates! I love, that he loves spending time with me.  

9. He takes care of me.

Since we’ve been married, I’ve always been the more sickly partner in our marriage.  He is healthy, strong, and rarely gets sick.  He has always been my strong rock and stability. Together we’ve had four children and with the birth of each child, he took care of me and our newborns.  In addition, I’ve broken my foot while pregnant, endured several surgeries, and seem to catch every illness brought into the house from my children. Yet, he never {okay, I take pride in honesty on this blog}, he rarely complains!  He is a caring and compassionate man; I am truly thankful!

10.  He Holds me Accountable in Love.

I know what your thinking; Really, you love this?  Let me explain, I am a counselor by vocation and have encountered countless women over the years, who’ve run the household, their husband, their children, and anything and everything allowed.  In my life, I’ve seen firsthand the damage this paradigm creates in marriages, families, churches, and in the community.   I am probably, most in love with my husband for this very reason, he holds me accountable {in love}.  Certainly, being called out on poor behavior, dysfunctional thinking, or over spending has the tendency to frustrate me at times.  The Holy Spirit living within my heart, gently reminds me that my husband is speaking truth.  Suddenly, the anger disappears and I relent, apologize, or pray for further guidance. The manner in which he holds me accountable is loving, kind, & gentle; And intended for the well-being of our family. I am able to take his occasional criticisms, because I know he loves me and has proven faithful and loving over the years.  God is using him to help me grow into the woman he desires and I’m truly thankful!  

In the same manner, my husband allows me to hold him accountable.  I believe that this aspect of our marriage, along with our commitment to serving God together, is the greatest cause of any success you see in our marriage.  

My husband is great!  Please don’t walk away from this blog post thinking, “Oh, her husband is perfect!  Her marriage is perfect!”  My husband is not perfect!  Our marriage is not perfect!  I could just as easily list his faults, but I’ve determined to focus on his strengths, rather than his imperfections.  What a wonderful difference altering my thought processes have made on the wellbeing of our marriage.   It’s all a matter of perspective and accepting the entire man, has given him freedom to grow and mature into the Godly husband and father he is today!  After all, I am not perfect and I can be difficult!  My husband and I’s marriage is not perfect, but it is beautiful, wonderful, & safe!  The only thing perfect in our home is God!  This is the key ingredient to “happily ever after”!



Pumpkin Spice in the Midst of Pain, Heartache, & Loss

Romans 12:15 “Rejoice with those who rejoice, weep with those who weep.”
The weather is suddenly turning cool and the fall autumn breeze is whipping through the windows of my country home. The first signs of fall has begun to blossom, the minority of colored leaves on the trees, the yard filled with sporadic splotches of brown, cool crisp air, and pumpkin spice advertisements everywhere I turn.  Once again, I am reminded of the fall festivities we proudly share as a family each year, pumpkin patches, apple picking, bonfires, and of course pumpkin spice EVERYTHING.  However, this year in the midst of all the turmoil surrounding our nation, I’ve found myself a little less excited. As I was pondering my lack of zeal this morning and began searching my heart in quiet contemplation, it hit me like a slamming door; My spirit it downcast within me. 

Like most of you, I’ve kept up with the news regarding the natural disasters around the world, especially those hitting close to home, within our very own country.  Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma, and all the fires blazing out of control in several other states. 

This year I’m finding it hard to rejoice and partake in traditional seasonal festivities due to the loss, heartache, and trauma facing the people of our great nation. Somehow, it’s hard to partake in the pleasures of a pumpkin spice latte, while my friends and fellow citizens in Texas are simply trying to cope in the aftermath of hurricane Harvey, Floridian friends and family are dreading possibly the largest hurricane seen in Earth’s history , and many others are facing fires resembling a present day hell. 

My heart aches for the friends & family I know personally, and for the friends I may never meet. This year my family’s fall festivities will look and feel different! Because, this is a year of suffering, loss, and pain. “My heart’s place this fall…

“Rejoice with those who rejoice and mourn with those who mourn.”  
Despite the rampant suffering, fear, and loss this fall brings with it… I am reminded that it is also a year of triumph a reminder of the things that are most important; national unity, harmony, and universal survival.  
“There are no politics in 8 feet of water; there are people in 8 feet of water.” Sandra Bullock
This fall there are people hurting, traumatized, and engulfed with loss all around them due to natural disasters. Personally, I can’t make since if it all, but I continue to trust in God’s promises!  
    Romans 8:28 “All things work for good to those who love the Lord and are called according to His purposes.”

Despite all the suffering, damage, and loss we see all around the United States this fall… I’ve seen beauty, survival, togetherness, and unity abound! I’ve seen videos and pictures of people all across the nation coming together in heroic endeavors to be the hands and feet of Jesus. Whether driving their boat from Kentucky to Texas to rescue lives in flooded waters, handing out food to rescuers, filling up diesel sized trucks with survival resources to drive across the nation, writing sacrificial sized checks for relief efforts, or praying fervently; I’ve seen something that’s so rare and beautiful in this country. I’ve seen unconditional love, sacrificial support, and unity!  

I’ve seen the goodness of the Lord show up in the lives of His people!
In my pursuit of attempting to find a balance between enjoying fall pleasures and feeling empathy and heartache for my fellow friends; I have decided to continue enjoying my fall traditions, all while maintaining a sober & prayerful mindset for those suffering from today’s natural disasters. Each tradition relived will be a reminder to pray for my friends across the nation and to remain mindful and open regarding how God desires to use me to help; whether in talents or financial resources. In addition, I’ve determined to get my entire family on board and pray together for the trials facing our nation and the American people.  

Today I anticipate having my first pumpkin spice latte of the season, an eagerly anticipated occasion every fall. With each sip I will lift up prayers for those suffering at the hands of nature.  Praying especially today, that God will calm Hurricane Irma and calm the storm that is terrifying the world.  Please join me in praying for this storm to calm!  

Psalm 107:27-31 “Then they cried out to the LORD in their trouble, and he brought them out of their distress. He stilled the storm to a whisper; the waves of the sea were hushed. They were glad when it grew calm, and he guided them to their desired haven. Let them give thanks to the LORD for his unfailing love and his wonderful deeds for mankind.”

In my prayers, I will listen to God and his heeding… because wherever he calls “I’ll go!” Whatever he asks “I’ll do!” There is one thing I dread most in life, one thing that terrifies me the greatest, to be out of God’s will! For now… I’ll allow my fall festivities to remind me to pray and I will pray without ceasing! With every cool crisp breeze that blows across my lawn, every apple I pick from an apple tree, every cup of pumpkin spiced flavored coffee I sip; I will be in prayer for my fellow citizens, friends, and family!  

“Please join me in praying for the natural disasters plaguing our country!  Let’s pray for the sea to be calmed, the hurricane to greatly and quickly drop in intensity, for our fellow neighbors surrounded by flooding and disaster, and for the many losses experienced due to tragedy.  Finally, lets be doers and give of our time, finances, and energy as the Lord burdens our hearts with compassion for others.” 

Here is the most touching story I’ve seen to date in the news.  This Kentucky man prayed and heeded God’s call to go and help. He went to the Lord in prayer, God burdened his heart to go and rescue people, and God used him in mightier ways than he’d ever imagined!  Click the link below to be touched, make sure you have your tissues handy!  


God bless America!  
Blessings, Crystal

The Lifeline of my Weary Soul


I’m thankful this day is coming to a close!  All day it’s been a struggle to find peace, patience, clarity, and any resemblance of order.   The struggle to find peace within my soul, has stolen my joy and created a long and unbearable day.

In the midst of my struggle, the Holy Spirit intervened, softly and tenderly speaking my name.  I vaguely heard the quiet murmur of the Holy Spirit speaking, in the thick of my overwhelming emotions.  Once I sat in bed after a long day of confusing thoughts, endless commotion, racing thoughts, constant mistakes, and a complete lack of patience.

My children were abnormally rowdy today, the house was messy, and the world around me seemed unusually hectic.  After sending the children to bed, the stillness of the evening settled in.  As all God’s creatures fell into a quiet slumber and the noise level began to drop, I slowly regained my equilibrium.  Immediately, my eyes filled with tears, as I began to clearly hear that still small voice speak; Calling me to sweet surrender!  It didn’t take long to gain my attention, as my heart was in need of an attitude change.  Immediately, I knew there was nowhere else to turn, except into the tender arms of Jesus!  As the weariness welled up within my soul, I fell into my pillow, drenching my cheeks in a full release of pent up emotion.

Occasionally, I find myself fighting the trenches of a bad day!  Too often, I struggle to remember to seek refuge, immediately in the arms of the Father.  Forgetting to utilize my greatest lifeline first and foremost, makes for an extremely long and difficult day!  As the night time closes in, my soul yearns for answers to the day’s trials.  In the quiet of the darkness, I hear the voice of God!  I hear his still small voice beckoning my tired soul to find refuge in his arms.  In the presence of God, the racing thoughts cease, my heart rate returns to normal, and the heaviness on my chest is lifted.

I want to kick myself for being a slow learner!  I want to shame myself for being ignorant of my own spiritual necessities!  I want to beat myself up for failing to seek God first thing in the morning!  All the while, the still small voice whispers into the depths of my soul; “No, sweet child!  Listen…

The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.  “I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd gives His life for the sheep.’”

Isaiah 43:2

Fear not, for I am with you; Be not dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, Yes, I will help you, I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.”

Revelation 21:4

“And God will wipe away every tear from their eyes; there shall be no more death, nor sorrow, nor crying. There shall be no more pain, for the former things have passed away.”

Isaiah 43:1-3

Once I came to the end of myself and surrendered to the Lord of my heart, peace slowly began to return to my soul, and my heart once again felt settled.

Friends, Life is not easy and each one of us will have difficult and trying days.  As a believer I continue to learn the importance of leaning on God and handing over the fights of my life!  I am certainly not perfect, my heart breaks, I make daily mistakes, I struggle with my own sin nature, I have deep-rooted insecurities, and I am most often my own worse enemy.  My soul has a long journey toward the destination of “whole & complete” and some days healing looks really far away.  I know where to go when the days are long and hard; Straight to the arms of Jesus!  I know where to find my lifeline!  Once I give up my personal fight and surrender control over the unmanageable areas of my life, God shows up!  My God is the greatest, most stable, and most trustworthy lifeline on Earth!





Happy 6th Birthday Sweet Caroline

Sweet Caroline, today you turned 6 years old… Wow!  It seems like only yesterday we brought you home for the hospital, a tiny 6 pound baby girl.  I loved you from the first moment I knew you were growing within my womb.  I cherished every moment watching you grow up and blossom into the amazing & intelligent 6-year-old girl that you are today.  I recall making a commitment after you were born, to refrain from needless busyness.  I wanted to cherish the baby years, as I had learned from experience that the precious baby years fly by too fast.   I refused to allow anything not necessary to distract me from cherishing every single moment!  You were my last baby, my only little girl, and I was blessed beyond anything I could have ever fathomed!  You’ve made me laugh, brought tears of joy to my eyes, and have shown me a deep, real, and innocent understanding of God’s love!  I adore the way you’ve always yearned to learn more about God! I’ve cherished our many talks about God and I love the way you ask countless questions, as you attempt to make sense of the world in which we reside.   Little girl, you are loved!  You are special!  You are smart!  And… you are a true blessing!  

I love you, daughter!


Peaceful Bedroom

My bedroom is an ever changing project.  I always tell my dear husband, “If you don’t like the furniture set up wait a few days, it’ll change!”  I am easily bored, one of the many ways my ADD affects my life!  I must admit this is one of my favorite bedroom looks to date.  Moving out one nightstand and placing the bed against the wall, makes the room look larger, more open, & tidy!  

This quilt was an amazing Amazon deal, normally $120 dollars, only $40.  I love the vibrant colors, as it lightens up the room, and allows me more freedom to explore with fun purples, pinks, blues, and greens.  

This adorable cabinet has been a versatile piece in our home for many years, from kitchen, bathroom, hallway, and now in our bedroom.  Love the extra counter space for my fan, lamp, and petal diffuser.  All my electronics and charging wires in one place.  An easy way to hide away clutter, behind the doors of this adorable little cabinet.  

What can I say, “I love curtains!”  Love the look of elegance over the closet.  

All while hiding the inside of the closet.  

My favorite aspect of this room’s set up is the openness.  This room is actually quite small, but this set up makes the room look huge.  Which, ultimately makes me feel less confined and peaceful!  

Love the outcome and the room has an amazing calming effect on my soul.  The aesthetic environment of this room establishes a simple, yet, serene feel.  My quiet place; My bedroom is my place to pray and hear the Holy Spirit speak to my heart!

Thanks for taking time to check out my blog!  

God bless, Crystal 

Mathew 6:6 “When you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.”

Sweet Caroline; From Baby to Little Lady

From baby to little lady… How in the world did this happen? She’s growing up way too fast and despite my attempts to cherish every moment, she continues growing like a weed! I can’t slow her down, nor would I want to! She’s like a mighty & fierce spirit, yearning to discover God’s plan for her life! She’s sensitive, but strong! Tender, but uniquely stubborn! Loving, but never dependent! She loves to learn about God and has an innate desire to be God’s little princess! This child is amazingly confident, in all the right & wonderful ways! Her ability to understand such an infinitely loving God, is childlike and surreal! The beautiful confidence this child naturally radiates, makes me feel like the best momma in the entire world! Because, despite my deep-rooted insecurities, this little lady is growing up free from the bondage of insecurity! As a look into her big beautiful blue eyes, I see grace! I see a beauty so deep! A heart so genuine! I see a resemblance of the little girl I always dreamed of being! A little girl fully loved, cherished, and adored! A little girl blessed with the gifts of a Godly home, loving parents, and secure attachments! She’s such a smart, intelligent, and talented litttle girl! After almost 6 years I occasionally still have to pinch myself, as I wonder if I’m living a wonderful dream, with the most perfect daughter God could have ever given to me! I’m not dreaming, but I am extremely blessed! Extremely grateful for the blessing of my daughter, my friend, and one of my greatest accomplishments on Earth! Sweet Caroline, my heart spilleth over!!!  

Caroline’s Room Organization

Caroline loves to play with her toys.  I love this aspect about my sweet girl, but she has the hardest time keeping her room organized.  In fact, this child figures out away to make the biggest messes, despite my many organization efforts.  Therefore, I put away all the separate plastic bins and attempted to make it easier for her tidy up, by replacing them with these large baskets underneath her bed.  The round plastic baskets were 97 cents at Walmart, the larger square basket was under $5, and the wicker basket we’ve had around the house for many years.  By far her favorite toys is her Barbie stuff and she has a ton of Barbie stuff, thus I placed all the Barbie stuff in the large wicker basket.  In addition, I purchased these bed risers to lift her bed off the ground, to make room for larger storage underneath her bed.  The “little tiny” toys, like Shopkins & trinkets, I put on the very top of her closet.  Now she can’t get out tiny toys without an adult getting them down for her. We’ve had one sleep over down and she’s successfully, for the first time been able to tidy her room by herself!  Finally, we’ve found a system that works in this little girl’s room!