Don’t Apologize


Today as I sat in Bible study, listening to Beth Moore (A female Evangelist) teaching on the television screen, in a small room at my church, I  listened as she discussed the Israelite’s expedition into the promised land.  You know the story?  The Israelite’e were living in Slavery in Egypt, at the hand of Pharaoh.  They were sent a deliver, his name was Moses.  As they began their journey they were caught between the Egyptian soldiers and the red sea.  God, like only God can do, parted that sea right down the middle. (You can find this awesome story in Exodus)  Powerful story, huh?  Here I sat in Bible study as Beth told the story, she said, “You know many of us are stuck half-way, we’re stuck in the middle of the sea, and God is desiring to pull us into our promised land.  Yet, we remain standing in the sea, afraid to step out in faith, and follow God.”  Beth Moore, was discussing the very thing that has been breaking my heart lately.  Christian’s remaining stagnate, comfortable being of the world (stuck in the middle of their very own sea), rather than “completely” surrendering to Him…. His will, His desires for our lives, content to be of the world, and in the process missing their promised land.  It breaks God’s heart, it breaks my heart, and is hindering long-term joy, peace, and contentment.  

Where am I going with this?  To be honest, I’m not sure…  All I know is that God spoke into my heart, this afternoon, as I listened to Beth’s teaching.  You see, here’s the thing…  Some of us have fully surrendered… all our imperfections, our lives, our media intake, and are finding the true peace that comes from fully surrendering to God.  Yet, some are still wading in the middle of that sea…  They say they trust God, yet they refuse to move… to grow… to obey His commands… to surrender to His ways.  

How does this effect us, those of us who have “fully” surrendered to following Him?  Unfortunately, at times it means our lives will naturally offend those who are living in mediocrity, to those who still find comfort in keeping one foot in the world.  

Biblical Proof—

2 Timothy 3:12 “In fact, everyone who wants to live a Godly life in Christ Jesus will be persecuted.”

Mathew 10:16 “I am sending you out like sheep among wolves.  Therefore, Be on your guard against men…  All men will hate you because of me.”

There you have it…  At times the Christ who lives in us, will in fact offend.  Many times in my Christian walk, I have felt terrible when I have observed this play out in my relationships with others.  I too, have been convicted of my own personal sin, as a result of observing other Christians in my midst.  It’s all part of God’s great big plan!

Today in Bible study, God directly spoke into my heart, “Here’s what He said to me…,

 “Don’t apologize!”  I was like… what?  He said to my spirit again, “Don’t apologize!  Don’t apologize for obeying and walking with me.  Don’t apologize for the person I am making you to be.  When others feel offended due to your obedience to me, don’t feel bad about yourself, feel proud, as I am proud of you!”  

Friends, the tears began to fall from my eyes…  Those around me thought it was Beth Moore’s prayer that caused my tears, but inside I knew it was God, speaking directly into my heart!

What is the overall them of this blog?

“I won’t apologize for offending others, as a result of fervently walking with God!”

This is who I am… The girl you see in the picture above…  That’s me…  I choose to walk with God!  Life outside of His will is utterly painful!  

I challenge you friends…

Don’t EVER apologize for following GOD!!!