Praise To God and Count Each One Of Your Blessings

My son, Robby, wrote this poem and shared it with me tonight. I asked his permission to share it, and he said I could. I love the cute thoughts of young and innocent children. Here at my desk thinking. I have a lot of blessings in my life. I turn and start to work onContinue reading “Praise To God and Count Each One Of Your Blessings”

A Day at Apple Works

Fall is my favorite time of year for family activities!  I love taking pictures of leaf fights, picking apples, and everything autumn.  I love the changing and vibrant colors of the leaves.  I couldn’t resist sharing these pictures of my cute kids experiencing “the beauty of fall”. Sweet Caroline.   This is my pumpkin! RobbyContinue reading “A Day at Apple Works”

Apple Picking Time

Apple picking is my favorite family activity.  We pick our apples at Anderson Orchard, in Mooresville, In.  As you can see we all have a blast.  We have taken many fall pictures at this orchard.  This year was special because we have a baby girl running around and eating apples.  Quite the change from threeContinue reading “Apple Picking Time”