God Speaks To My Heart: Through A Boys Devotional, In The Side Pocket of A Mud Grimed Travel Bag


I just arrived home from picking Robby up from his two day camp experience at Bradford Woods.  It’s a long time tradition for all 5th graders in Bloomington, In to attend this camp.

Currently he’s taking a much needed shower, and I’m looking forward to hearing more highlights from his trip.  Robby and I are going to dinner tonight, his choice, to talk about his exciting trip.

After I sent him off to shower, I (like any normal mother) frantically began throwing all his smelly clothes into the washing machine.  As I held my breath, and attempted to empty his bag, I found his devotional.  Tears spilled from my eyes, deep pride welled within my soul.  This devotional was a sign, from God, “Crystal, you and Robert are raising your kids, to walk in my steps.  Great job!”

Often times, I beat myself up.  I ponder all the things I need to do better.  Right now, I feel pretty good!  I’m honored to be raising a boy who chooses to take his devotional to camp.

Today… God spoke to my heart.  Not through an audible voice, a song, or even a quiet… still moment.  Through a simple book… in the side zipper of a mud grimed travel bag.

Thank you, Lord!  I’m blessed to be raising an amazing young man, who has a heart to serve, please, and know you more.

Published by Crystal Ridlon

I love God, my husband was my high school sweet heart, and still is today. I'm a proud mother of the four most wonderful, sweetest, and cutest kids in the world! In addition, I am a mental health counselor. I love to write! I write from the most honest places within my heart and pray my experiences are able to help and encourage others on their journey through life.

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