Heaven By The Sea


Together we stroll…
Her tiny hand, holds on tight.
Walking beside the ocean, she giggles as each wave catches her feet.
Her stature tiny, in comparison to the vast… powerful body of water.
Yet, she’s not afraid.
She is filled with giddiness.
Together we sit, staring out at the sea.
The two of us watch as the Seagulls soar above.
Once again, we stand.
Holding hands we continue our walk alongside the beach.

I long for her to know Christ’s love.
I desire for her to feel the loving presence of the Holy Spirit.
I want her to fully grasp how deep and wide the Father’s love is for her!
Her favorite song escapes my lips,

“Jesus, loves me, this I know. For the Bible tells me so. Little ones to Him belong, they are weak but, He is strong. Yes, Jesus loves me. Yes, Jesus loves me. Yes, Jesus loves me. The Bible tells me so!”

She sings along, the sound of her little girl voice harmonizes with the sea.
Emotions fill my soul.
Love… Unconditional love.
Joy… Pure joy.
Peace… Calming peace.
Gratefulness… Praising God for the blessing of my little girl.

I pick her up… Her two year old body squeals in excitement.
I want nothing more for her to comprehend the depth of my love for her.
I look into her big blue eyes and whisper…

“Caroline… Look at mommy!” She looks into my heart. Tears of joy fall off my cheeks and return to the ocean. “Mommy, loves you so much!”

Just shy of two years old, she has a supernatural understanding.
She looks up at me… Rubs my hair… Looks into my big blue eyes and say’s, “Loooooove you, mommy!”
She rests her little head on my shoulder and gently hugs her momma.

Suddenly… I’m in Heaven.

I pray…

“Lord, thank you for answering my heart’s desire for a daughter. Thank you for going above and beyond and blessing me with the sweetest little girl. You knew she was the perfect little girl for our family. Lord, forever freeze this moment in my heart and mind. Although I will always long for Heaven, I thank you for providing moments of “Heaven” on Earth. Thank you for the tiny glimpses and reminders of what awaits us in our Heavenly homes.”


8 responses to “Heaven By The Sea”

  1. so beautiful and inspired 🙂

  2. That warmed my heart;) Especially being a mother of two girls, I deeply resonate with your words of longing for our little girls to know the vast love of Christ for them. Thank you for sharing! <3, Marty

  3. My heart was overflowing with love sharing this moment with my daughter. Glad you could join us on our journey. May you cherish special moments with your girls :). God blesss, Crystal

  4. Beautiful!

  5. What a beautiful mother-daughter moment and prayer you have shared with us, Crystal.

    Blessings ~ Wendy

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