To Go or Not to Go?


My oldest two boys were all signed up and ready to begin packing for camp. However, something inside my spirit didn’t feel right about them going to camp.

I couldn’t pin point and particular reason, however the feeling wouldn’t let up.

My husband is teaching abroad in China for six weeks and we all miss him terribly. I thought to myself they might be extra homesick, I will miss them more, and my younger two might have a hard time with daddy and their brothers being gone.

However, it still didn’t add up.

I spoke to the boys. A few days ago and they “REALLY” wanted to go. I relented and thought, “I’m just being goofy!”

Several situations continued to rise that made me rethink camp. For example, Christopher got some kind of bug bite that swelled his entire inner thigh. I took him to the doctor and he needs to be on a five day dose of steroids. A kid on steroids, is certain to not the get camper of the week award?

The Lord spoke to my heart and lead me to call the woman who runs the camp. He said… “Just call and see if there are any boys on the waiting list?” I thought to myself. If there are boys on the waiting list than maybe that is my answer and if not that may be my answer.

I called her and discussed my current situation and inner struggle. I asked her if there were any other boys on the waiting list. She answered, “You won’t believe this, there are two other boys on the waiting list, who’d love to be able to go to camp.” Hmmm? Interesting?

I asked her if I could call her back after speaking to my children. She said, “Certainly!”

I spoke to my boys. I told them it was their choice and there were two other boys on the waiting list. My oldest son looked in my eyes and said, “I want those boys to be able to go to camp.”, And Christopher agreed. I asked, “Are you sure?” Once again my oldest replied, “Those boys need to go to camp!”

I don’t know why Holy Spirit began speaking to my heart. Or why, The Holy Spirit immediately revealed to my oldest son, that those boys were supposed to be at camp?

I would love to be a fly on the wall of camp! God’s up to something! I know it and I would love to be there to see it!”

The woman offered to return our non- refundable registration fee. I told her, God wanted those boys there and this is our gift to them. No problem!

I would love to see what God has up His sleeve! He’s amazing and I know it must be awesome!


10 responses to “To Go or Not to Go?”

  1. Nice. Has been long time not reading your great post:) blessing!

  2. O the seed you have sown will reap a vast harvest. You may never know how your obedience pays off, but I pray the Father gives you and your boys a glimpse somehow in someway! Thanks for partnering with Him and listening to that still small voice! I see rejoicing in Heaven because of it!

  3. I love it when Jesus makes the crooked places straight and the rough places smooth. You’ll have to share (if you find out) why those two boys needed to go to camp! 🙂


    1. I know! I keep thinking to my self I’d sure life it if God allowed us to find out! I’ll definitely post a blog if I here something.

  4. Crystal, there’s been a couple of things that have happened in my life that were very much like the story you shared! Both played out within a week of each other. I thought of your post so I had to mention this. I’ll write about them in a week or two. It is uncanny how God orchestrates our lives.

    1. Can’t wait to read your story!

      1. Finally posted it! Have a pingback to your story as well. God Bless!

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