Happy Father’s Day 2014… To My Heavenly Father

Father’s Day has never been my favorite holiday.  In fact, it’s a holiday that used to cause deep-rooted sadness in my heart. Father’s Day is a “wonderful” day for people who were blessed with wonderful fathers, but for those of us whose fathers rejected, abandoned, abused, or neglected us…  It was certainly not enjoyable.  IContinue reading “Happy Father’s Day 2014… To My Heavenly Father”

Stand Firm

For many years, my husband has made a habit of reading a monthly men’s devotional called “Stand Firm”.   Today is Father’s Day 2014.  On the couch I noticed his “Stand Firm” devotional. I thought to myself… I’m proud of my husband who has always made a habit of spending time with God. My husbandContinue reading “Stand Firm”

My First and Last Love… Happy 14th Wedding Anniversary

First time you held my hand…  The moment… forever ingrained in my heart. The feeling… I will never forget…  I can’t possibly forget… I recall the powerful surge, the force of true and unconditional love shooting through my fingers… Landing in the center of my heart. Your touch created emotions in my soul so deep…Continue reading “My First and Last Love… Happy 14th Wedding Anniversary”

Life’s What Happens When You Have Other Plans

Life’s what happens when you have other plans! A good friend, mentor, and mother figure has stated this quote to me, on countless occasions. Needless to say, it’s not my favorite thing to hear, but I will admit it is the truest statement, I think I’ve ever heard. Do we plan on a loved oneContinue reading “Life’s What Happens When You Have Other Plans”

Few Days Away From Facebook

I deleted Facebook applications from my iPhone and my iPad for several days. I felt my spirit needed a break. My break only lasted a few days and that’s okay. All I needed was a few days. A few days to realize a few VERY important things. 1.) {EVERYTHING IN MODERATION} goes for Facebook, too!Continue reading “Few Days Away From Facebook”

Taking a Break From Facebook

I’ve decided to delete my Facebook apps. Those of you who know me personally, know that I am a true advocate of Facebook. I have friends all over the globe and Facebook allows me to keep in touch. Lately, for whatever reason, I’ve been feeling “blah”. I haven’t been able to pinpoint what is causingContinue reading “Taking a Break From Facebook”

Lessons I’ve Learned From Temporarily Single Parenting

My husband has been teaching in China for a little over four weeks. We have 12 more days until he will be home. Lessons I’ve learned from my six week stent of single parenting. 1. Dads are needed! Despite what the world teaches about men being useless and continually making men out to be dumb…Continue reading “Lessons I’ve Learned From Temporarily Single Parenting”

Initials Carved in Love

18 years ago my husband, then boyfriend carved (R + C) into this bench at the park, he was 16 years old. This picture speaks a thousand words. We fell in love 18 years ago. Our sweet daughter, (fourth child and final edition) almost two years old, has no understanding of the initials carved intoContinue reading “Initials Carved in Love”

Longing…Waiting… Desiring… The Love of My Life

Burning the midnight oil. Missing my best friend… my soul mate. Call me a sap, That’s okay. I am in love. I’ve been in love for over half my 35 years of living… to the same person. Seventeen years young… He secretly held my hand. My heart still hasn’t stopped beating. Still gives me butterfliesContinue reading “Longing…Waiting… Desiring… The Love of My Life”

Thankful For An Amazing Vacation

We drove all day yesterday and returned to our home sweet home at 7:30 p.m. We had an amazing vacation and I can’t stop praising The Lord for the wonderful memories we made as a family. Leaving the ocean was hard! When I’m standing next to the ocean with my family, watching the sunset, GodContinue reading “Thankful For An Amazing Vacation”