Learning to Love Your Husband

Longing…Waiting… Desiring… The Love of My Life


Burning the midnight oil.

Missing my best friend… my soul mate.

Call me a sap,

That’s okay.

I am in love.

I’ve been in love for over half my 35 years of living… to the same person.

Seventeen years young… He secretly held my hand.

My heart still hasn’t stopped beating.

Still gives me butterflies in my stomach.

Still makes me smile.

Still makes me laugh.

Still makes me feel beautiful… wanted… needed.

In his arms… I feel heaven on Earth.

A warmth… a belonging… a sense that all is right with the world.

Call it an achievement…

Happily married… 13 years… and four kids.

I can’t get enough of my lover and my friend.

Tonight…I sit at the kitchen table.

Longing for my lover.

On the other side of the world.

He works long days… to provide for our family.

Six weeks… Seems like an eternity.

Until we’re in each others arms…

I’ll wait in eager anticipation.

Longing… Waiting… Desiring…

The love of my life.

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