Wrestling Through The Long Battles

When you’re walking through the stillness, the waiting, and the seemingly “vast emptiness of unanswered prayers”, Satan torments us with fear and negativity! “You’re not good enough! God doesn’t hear you! He doesn’t care! You’re all alone, nobody cares! God didn’t protect you and He allowed this to happen! You’re an idiot! There’s no hopeContinue reading “Wrestling Through The Long Battles”

The Mountaintop Experiences Sustain Us When Life Gets Hard

I love this memory! God blessed us with a trip to Europe, just the two of us the summer of 2019! What a blessing! So grateful for the trip of a lifetime! A gift God so graciously lavished on us! I didn’t realize it at the time, but it was a gift meant to sustainContinue reading “The Mountaintop Experiences Sustain Us When Life Gets Hard”

Raising Teenagers to Be Strong in their Faith

Driving home from church this evening with Robby and Daniel, I was blessed with such great conversation! I cherish the moments when my teenagers open up about “real stuff” and allow me to see their heart! Daniel is naturally a complete introvert and rarely opens up about heart matters. Tonight he shared that the schoolContinue reading “Raising Teenagers to Be Strong in their Faith”

An Antidote to A Nation In Trouble; God Has The Answer

The direction of our nation is terrifying! Can’t believe what people are fighting for… America is the home of the free! What will America look like when those fighting with impure motives win the battle? Scary to think about! What are you fighting for? Be very careful the battles your fighting, you have to liveContinue reading “An Antidote to A Nation In Trouble; God Has The Answer”

God is Everywhere; He’s Ever-Present in All of Life’s Storms

God speaks in repetition and the message I keep hearing through scripture, the Holy Spirit, and by spiritual mentors and friends… Is, “Bad things happen! Life is hard! God has never promised he would remove the storms, but that He’d walk through every single storm with us!” God is everywhere… EVERYWHERE! In our homes, offices,Continue reading “God is Everywhere; He’s Ever-Present in All of Life’s Storms”

Trauma Changes Us: How a Traumatic Illness Changed Me and My Family Forever

Part I “Trauma Changes Us Forever: How a Series of Traumatic events Changed Me Forever” True transparency for a moment. Rest assured, I am not sharing my story for sympathy. I’m sharing to reach the heart’s of others who may find themselves on a similar dark, frightening, and taunting journey! The past 2 years haveContinue reading “Trauma Changes Us: How a Traumatic Illness Changed Me and My Family Forever”

Blessings In The Midst of Raging Storms

“Blessings in the Midst of The Raging Storms” It is so easy to take for granted the MOST precious gifts of life! Sitting in this airplane flying away from my family, I ponder how very blessed I am! In fact, I am reminded in the quietness with God the abounding and overwhelming blessings He’s bestowedContinue reading “Blessings In The Midst of Raging Storms”