An Antidote to A Nation In Trouble; God Has The Answer

The direction of our nation is terrifying! Can’t believe what people are fighting for… America is the home of the free! What will America look like when those fighting with impure motives win the battle? Scary to think about! What are you fighting for? Be very careful the battles your fighting, you have to liveContinue reading “An Antidote to A Nation In Trouble; God Has The Answer”

God is Everywhere; He’s Ever-Present in All of Life’s Storms

God speaks in repetition and the message I keep hearing through scripture, the Holy Spirit, and by spiritual mentors and friends… Is, “Bad things happen! Life is hard! God has never promised he would remove the storms, but that He’d walk through every single storm with us!” God is everywhere… EVERYWHERE! In our homes, offices,Continue reading “God is Everywhere; He’s Ever-Present in All of Life’s Storms”

Trauma Changes Us: How a Traumatic Illness Changed Me and My Family Forever

Part I “Trauma Changes Us Forever: How a Series of Traumatic events Changed Me Forever” True transparency for a moment. Rest assured, I am not sharing my story for sympathy. I’m sharing to reach the heart’s of others who may find themselves on a similar dark, frightening, and taunting journey! The past 2 years haveContinue reading “Trauma Changes Us: How a Traumatic Illness Changed Me and My Family Forever”

Blessings In The Midst of Raging Storms

“Blessings in the Midst of The Raging Storms” It is so easy to take for granted the MOST precious gifts of life! Sitting in this airplane flying away from my family, I ponder how very blessed I am! In fact, I am reminded in the quietness with God the abounding and overwhelming blessings He’s bestowedContinue reading “Blessings In The Midst of Raging Storms”

Finding Joy In The Trials

This little girl is getting her heart checked to ensure it’s healthy and doing well since the MIS-C diagnosis. She’s a trooper! She’s happy, confident, joyful, and tough! Right before having her heart tests, she asked me if she could have some of my coffee. I’m like … “Ummm.. no!” Caffeine before heart tests isContinue reading “Finding Joy In The Trials”

Conflict is What’s Making This Global Pandemic Unbearable

All this hatred and discord over masks vs. no masks, vaccines vs. no vaccines, makes my heart sick! To be completely honest it increases my anxiety and I know for a fact that I’m not alone! People are being pushy, judgmental and lacking understanding & empathy. Everyone operating at these extremes is making this pandemicContinue reading “Conflict is What’s Making This Global Pandemic Unbearable”

What is the Answer to The Chaos of our Culture? Love!

I was just thinking this morning about how broken hearted my sweet & Godly great-grandmother would be if she knew all the things going on in our present day culture! Our culture has spiraled out of control in the past 20 years. My heart aches tremendously! God knows all and has a plan and purposeContinue reading “What is the Answer to The Chaos of our Culture? Love!”

Parenting Teenagers & Managing Technology In Our Families

Raising children in our present cultural is tough! As a counselor, I hear stories and my heart aches at the condition of our world! Parents, pay attention! DO NOT ignore your gut! Listen to that still small voice inside! Pray! Pray! Pray! Have accountability on all phones and computers. DO NOT allow children and teensContinue reading “Parenting Teenagers & Managing Technology In Our Families”

Happy 21st Anniversary to my Best Friend and Soul Mate

We’ve raised 4 amazing kiddos together! You earned a bachelors degree and a PhD from Indiana University! I’ve earned a bachelor’s degree and an M.A. and became a counselor… we did this all together! We’ve explored the world together! We’ve had amazing moments of success, tremendous joy and faced tremendous sorrow… together! You’ve stood byContinue reading “Happy 21st Anniversary to my Best Friend and Soul Mate”