Trust & Obey

This afternoon, I’m finally finding time to meet with God and read his word! Sitting in this amazing coffee shop, with this even more amazing coffee, lovely hymns playing on my ear buds, and amazinger {made-up word, don’t worry 🙂 } blueberry plum crumble cake, I’m feeling pretty close to Heaven!

The past several weeks my heart has been overwhelmed with the demands of life. As a mother, wife, friend, studier of a tough exam, and counselor, my plate is over flowing. One struggle I’ve been working through, which is sadly all to familiar in my life, is the pain I feel watching people rebel against a loving and saving God. Seeing the present day hell people are living in {unnecessarily} and being unable to save them from their bondage, this truly breaks my heart! Throughout my life, I’ve learned that you can beg, plead, and cry for someone to see the truth and until they are ready, they will reject your best intentions. I must remember in these moments, as God has been teaching and reteaching me over the years is this one vital concept…

“If people reject God, the creator of the universe, their Savior… They will certainly reject my pleading and guidance! My job is to simply to trust and obey, to be a vessel of love, and to speak truth into a darkened and heart-broken world.”

I am not responsible for the finished product! Not in my husband’s life, my children’s lives, my friend’s lives, or my client’s lives! This is each and every individual’s responsibility and placing this pressure upon myself is an unbearable weight! Sadly, I too often I find myself doing this very thing! As a result, I find myself tired, exhausted, overwhelmed, unable to handle the everyday demands placed before me, and as a result I find myself sinning more! Hmmm??? Ouch! Perhaps, God simply wants me to do my best, follow His will, and leave the final product up to Him?

Wow! My shoulders suddenly feel 5,000 pounds lighter! 😊

Today, I am reading Isaiah Chapter 1, as I follow my daily (not-so-daily) Bible reading plan.

In this passage you see the Lord trying desperately to get people to see the truth and to recognize their sin and desperate need for a Savior. Sadly, you see the people of this nation actively refuting God’s perfect will for their lives. You also get a pretty vivid picture of the pain they’re enduring as a result. God used this passage to reiterate a common lesson he’s been teaching me for what seems like 100 years… “If the God of the universe is unable to get their attention and they continue living the consequences of their rebellion, I in my human flesh am certainly incapable of saving their souls!” Again, I can pray for, love, and share the good news of the saving grace of the Gospel… but I am NOT their savior! Not sure where you’re at today or what your struggle is along the journey. It is my hope that this reminder helps you in your struggle or encourages you along the journey is some way!

“Have a great day!

Love, Crystal


This Is The Day

Good morning on this crisp pre-fall morning! Sitting outside in the middle of the woods, reading my precious Bible, with my dear husband at my side. I’m drawn closer to the Lord as I hear the sound of the morning insects and beautifully melodious birds, all singing in perfect harmony. As I read God’s word, with his creation all around me, my spirit feels a sense of ease from the chaotic week. Amazing how God’s words always speaks to my heart, regardless of where my heart has wandered prior to opening the Book of Life!

In the midst today’s chaos and confusion… I am reminded me to fix my gaze upon the Lord!

“Look up! Give thanks to the Lord! Remember the amazing things He’s done. To sing him Praises! To worship him right where I am!

I am reminded that…

“This is the day that the Lord has made and I am to rejoice and be glad in it!”

After I give proper thanks for the beautiful day God has so graciously blessed me with, I am to seek his face, where I will find strength for the day ahead!

Friends, I am not a morning person and am rarely prone to reading God’s word first thing in the morning. However, I am reminded today that morning is in fact the very best time to seek his face! I head into my day with a renewed strength, renewed eagerness, and renewed Strength to face whatever comes my way!




Believe In The Lord Jesus & You Will Be Saved

Wow! This is a powerful passage of scripture. Paul and Silas were locked up for their faith after a stressful time doing the Lord’s work. In their pain and stress, they began praying and signing hymns to God (worshiping, rather than succumbing to worry). Suddenly, God sent a stinking earthquake and it shook them free! Then the jailer asked, “How can I be saved?” In which they replied, “Believe in the Lord Jesus and you will be saved!” … He was filled with joy because he had come to believe in God- he and his ENTIRE family!”

Friends, God’s love and spirit is contagious!!! People see it and they want it! In fact…. they NEED it! People need Jesus! I challenge me and you to determine to be a Paul & Silas in a dark and hopeless world!

Have a great day! Take time to read God’s word! Blessings, Crystal


Forever Remembered & Dearly Missed

This is me and my dear uncle Hanzel! He was one the most Godly men, I’ve ever seen! He had the biggest heart and an ability to love people unconditionally! When few showed up in my world as child, due to the level of dysfunction in our home, he made a conscious effort to visit on a regular basis! Several times a year, he’d drive through and spend a night or two in our home, while visiting he spent time with us, loved on us, and always took us to get doughnuts! He never had a single selfish bone in his body! When he was around, we all knew we were loved! He’s made a huge impact on my life, helped me to see good in the world, and helped me to love the unloveable! In addition, inadvertently he showed me that life had so much more to offer than the addiction, dysfunction, and rampant generational bondage from my childhood! I thank God for the blessing of my sweet uncle and the eternal sized blessings he has shed on my life since the day I was born! He always loved me like a daughter, sat me on his lap, hugged me, and spent time talking to me. He saw me! This was a rare occurrence for me growing up and the influence it’s had on my life is profound! He has been with the Lord 7 years this November and his presence on this Earth is still so dearly missed. What a comfort it is to know I will see his kind eyes, hear his deep southern voice, and be able to hug his tall gentle frame in Heaven one day! Until then, his life lives on in my heart and the hearts of so many he’s touched on this Earth! The grieving process has gotten easier, but the missing is still very much alive! I hope God can give messages in Heaven, because this is a message I wish I would have shared with him more during his time on Earth! Friends, don’t ever take for granted the impact of loving those in need! You never know the positive influence you may have in another person’s life!

Psalm 34:18-19 “The Lord is near to those who are discouraged; he saves those who have lost all hope. Good people suffer many troubles, but the Lord saves them from

Them all.”

Blessings, Crystal


Perfectly Modest

I’m a serious advocate for modesty, especially modesty in little girls. I’m not “legalistic” in my approach to live or teach modesty to my little girl. I believe the issue of modesty is on a spectrum, from legalistic don’t wear make-or jewelry and only wearing long skirts, etc… to… dressing in a fashion that leaves little to the imagination. I try to remain somewhere in the middle of the spectrum, while ensuring my focus remains on Christ! After all, one day I will stand before the throne and will have to give an answer for the way I chose to live my life and raise my children. For this reason, I’ve made a decision to instill modest values into my little girl’s heart from a very young age (actually from birth).

I recall receiving a baby bikini for a shower gift, while I was pregnant with my Sweet Caroline. I remember the internal struggle that began before my daughter entered into the world. I thanked the individual for the gift, but my little girl never wore that bikini. Why??? It is essential to begin teaching modesty at birth and I never wanted her to say “You let me wear that bikini when I was a baby, I saw it in that picture!” I wanted her to know I took a stance for Jesus toward modest living way before she was born! I never want her to see my values and morals shifting! I wanted her to see a mother who was grounded in her convictions, rooted in her love for God, in her desire to serve and obey the Lord. I want her to remember a mother who was able to take a stand in a constantly changing world! Listed below are a few reasons for my conviction toward modest living, for myself and my daughter!

1.) There are perverts all over and they look at little girls in indecent manners, even if we don’t think they are! All the more reason, I refuse to allow my little girl to be the object of that kind of negative attention.

2.) I am teaching this little girl to value herself for who she is on the inside, not to find her value in her outer appearance!

3.). I’m teaching this little girl that you can dress cute, be cute, and look adorable, while dressing modestly… and fashionably!

4.). I’m teaching her to walk proud and to be proud of who she is and most importantly to always remember “who’s she is”… A child of God!

5.) I want her to one day find a man who will love her for who she is on the inside! A man who will respect her for a commitment to purity!

6.). I desire to protect her in anyway I possibly can, I believe the first step is to ensure she’s dressed modestly in public.

7.) I want her to learn the importance of standing strong, by taking a stand by refusing to succumb to society’s pull toward revealing as much skin as possible.

8.). I want this little girl to positively change the world! Changing the world begins with taking a stand in our personal lives!

9.) I want her to grow up and be proud of the values we’ve instilled into her life! Hopefully, to be proud enough to pass them onto her future children!

10.). Personally, I think she’s one of the prettiest little girls I’ve ever seen! I want her to feel pretty, loved, and cherished because she is a daughter of the King! I never want her to value herself based off of the negative attention that comes from the world, which will only lead her to a life of insecurity and unhappiness!

1 Peter 3:2-3 “Your beauty should not come from outward adornment, such as elaborate hairstyles and the wearing of gold jewelry or fine clothes. Rather, it should be that of your inner self, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is of great worth in God’s sight.“


Fear Is A Liar

Today has been a less than ideal day!  Occasionally a rotten days is inevitable!  Locked myself out of my office, negative thoughts pushing their way through the recesses of my mind, and just “stuff”.  As I sat in my quiet office after “the being locked out crisis”, feeling like a major idiot for leaving my key in the office.  I turned my focus on seeking the voice of God in the midst of my “soon to be” tailspin!  In all honesty, I can’t even begin to explain all the negative thoughts bombarding my peace of mind this afternoon!  I can say with certainty I was allowing Satan to wreak havoc on my state of being.

This tailspin of my mind continued for several hours until, I finally recognized the familiar tactic of the enemy.  Determined to fight the unwanted and painful thoughts and emotions of the day, I retreated to a quiet place and bowed my head over my desk!  The Lord lead me to John Chapter 10, “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have that they may have life, and have it to the full.”  In addition, the worship song playing on my computer was Zack William’s new hit, “Fear is a Liar!”  Here are the powerful lyrics of this timely played song… The link to the song will be posted at the bottom of the post!  Perhaps, you need the same reminder today!

Fear Is A Liar, by Zack Williams
“When he told you you’re not good enough
When he told you you’re not right
When he told you you’re not strong enough
To put up a good fight
When he told you you’re not worthy
When he told you you’re not loved
When he told you you’re not beautiful
That you’ll never be enough
Fear, he is a liar
He will take your breath
Stop you in your steps
Fear he is a liar
He will rob your rest
Steal your happiness
Cast your fear in the fire
‘Cause fear he is a liar
When he told you were troubled
You’ll forever be alone
When he told you you should run away
You’ll never find a home
When he told you you were dirty
And you should be ashamed
When he told you you could be the one
That grace could never change
Fear he is a liar
He will take your breath
Stop you in your steps
Fear he is a liar
He will rob your rest
Steal your happiness
Cast your fear in the fire
‘Cause fear he is a liar”
He can be terribly convincing at times!  He has a manipulative scheme and it begins with ruining days, then turns into destroying lives.  Thankfully, as Christ-followers we can rest knowing the battle has already been won!  To fight the Devil’s schemes, we need only say one word, “Jesus!”  Romans 10:13 “Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved!”
Thankfully, fear hasn’t won the victory!  Christ has won the victory!  The moment I took my eyes off the problems and decided to focus on God’s word, my very bad day was turned upside down!  This my friends is the power we have through Christ!


I am thankful for the power of the Holy Spirit in my life!  I am thankful God speaks to my heart, in the midst of the weakest moments through scripture and songs inspired by the Holy Spirit!

I’ll end today’s session with a message I have implanted deep into the heart’s of my children.

Back away Satan, my heart belongs to Jesus!”  

Blessings, Crystal



The Gift of Presence {Father’s Day Post}


As I looked through photos for this Father’s Day post, I was reminded of the amazing gift of {presence} my husband has graciously given to me and our kids.  His presence within our family is a wonderful blessing; a true gift!  As a father, he spends time with his children, he talks with them, plays with them, teaches them, and is present in everyday activities within our family!  We are blessed to have this man leading and guiding our family!

He not only teaches, but gently leads!

He not only provides, but comforts!

He not only guides, but listens!

He not only is present, he makes time for each child (including making time for his wife)!

He is not only available, he sacrifices on our behalf!

He not only loves, he has a special unique relationship with each one of his children!

This amazing man could teach a class or write a book on “How to be a loving and God-fearing father!”  Our children have amazing gifts & talents, a great ability to love, a great wealth of knowledge, and wisdom well beyond their years because of the loving relationship they share with their earthly father!

Most importantly, because of their earthly father’s example on Earth, they have a beautiful picture of God’s love for his children!

Today, I’d like to be the first to say…

Happy Father’s Day to one fantastic dad!  Thank you for loving, cherishing, and gently guiding our children!  I see the reward of your efforts in their level of security, in their confidence, in their smiles, in their desire to grow up and be just like you… their wonderful father!

Robert you are loved, admired, cherished, and greatly appreciated!

Hapoy Father’s Day!