Your Past… Your Present… Your Future – “Happy Valentine’s Day, Robert W. Ridlon III”


His hand in mine… We walked.
Young… Vibrant… So full of life.
We laughed… We dreamed of our future.
Countless hours spent… Falling in love in the park.

I remember…
Your eyes… The depth of your love for me.
The eyes of a 16 year old boy… madly in love.
People said… It’s just a crush.
Your first love…

In the park… Remains a bench with our initials carved inside.
18 years later… Our initials remain.
Who would’ve known… Our love would too.

Sitting under a wooden structure.
Resting in the shade.
You looked me in the eyes.
You handed me a box.
Inside the box… A necklace.
The charm hanging…

Engraved on one side, ” I love you”
The other our initials, “RR & CP”

Today I wear this necklace… A reminder of our history.
This necklace holds… So much of our story.
A piece of jewelry… Given to a girl.
A girl… You loved… You cherished… You romanced… You chased.
You won my heart then… And you continue to win my heart today.

18 years later… We’re still madly in love.
Our love story… A beautiful picture of “true love”
We have shared our past.
I look forward to sharing our future.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Robert William Ridlon III,

Your past… your present… your future.

I Love You,

Crystal Ridlon


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