Are You Running Out Of Gas?


A year ago after a four hour drive to my hometown, my car stalled. I couldn’t figure out the problem. The gas gauge revealed a 1/4 of a tank. My van stalled in front of a gas station. What luck? A kind man pulled off the road to offer a helping hand. Upon further evaluation we learned my van was out of gas. A week later, my van stalled again, in front of my destination. At this point, I realized the gas gauge was broken. Several months ago, we stalled in the parking lot of a Trader Joes grocery store, and once again there was a gas station right across the street. As a result of these events, I have been cautious about the gas gage. Once the tank reveals 1/4 tank, I rush to a gas station. However, a few days ago… I ran out of gas again… right in front of another gas station. This time I was in a turn lane, in the middle of a four lane highway, with two of my children on board. A man came up out of nowhere and offered to push my car into the gas station, right to a gas pump. Once I parked the van safely at the gas tank I looked around for the man, and he was gone. I’m not sure how he could have disappeared so quickly, and my four year and I were both astonished. I have a hunch, I was entertaining angels unaware. One thing I’ve learned through all my “running out of gas” scenarios is that God is certainly taking care of my family.

The first time I ran out of gas, I had no clue why my van stalled. The second time, I was aware of the problem, and knew I had run out of gas. The third time… I immediately knew… “no gas”… and felt pretty dumb. The fourth time… my ADD brain got a hold of me, and I continued to forget to fill my gas tank. I was given the warning… I knew the final result… The danger… and yet, I still forgot!

I was thinking about how my “running out of gas” situation is similar to my spiritual life. There are times when I’m not disciplined to read God’s word, pray, and listen to His “still small” voice. As a new believer… I had several crash and burn moments, when I was learning my need for God. In the midst of my crash and burn moments, God pulled me out of my mess. I’ve been a Christian for almost 20 years, and I’ve learned that staying in the word, and in His will, insures fewer crash and burn moments. However, there are still times, I push aside His “still small” voice, and get distracted with living life. I want to spend time with God. I feel Him calling me to read His word. I long for communication with my Father, but I still allow life to distract me from His calling, from his “still small” voice. The end result is a crash and burn… and I have to run back into the loving arms of my Father in Heaven. I must Seek His forgiveness, and admit my need for His love “gas”. You see, my “gas tank” and my “spiritual gas tank” have many similarities. If I get distracted and forget to put gas in my van, I stall in the middle of a four lane highway. If I get distracted and put off my relationship with God, I will stall in my life. I won’t have the needed energy… ability… and strength to fulfill my everyday requirements. Without God’s continual guidance, I will mess up big time.

How about you? Do you know the feeling of running out of “spiritual gas”? My prayer is that this blog, will encourage you to keep your “spiritual gas tank” full. Our relationship with the Father… Our Creator, is the last thing we should put off in our lives. We need His love to face this world… this life… and our everyday circumstances.

Philippians 4:19 “But my God shall supply all your needs according to his riches and the glory of Jesus Christ our Lord.”




One response to “Are You Running Out Of Gas?”

  1. This is a fantastic essay! It accurately illustrates many peoples’ efforts in connecting with God as well as a reminder of how He is always taking care of us in spite of our mistakes. Great post, keep ’em coming!

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