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Happy Father’s Day 2014… To My Heavenly Father


Father’s Day has never been my favorite holiday.  In fact, it’s a holiday that used to cause deep-rooted sadness in my heart. Father’s Day is a “wonderful” day for people who were blessed with wonderful fathers, but for those of us whose fathers rejected, abandoned, abused, or neglected us…  It was certainly not enjoyable.  I wasn’t blessed with a wonderful father and my step-father physically and emotionally abused me for years.  Therefore, much of my life I dreaded Father’s Day.  My biological father outright rejected me.  He knew where I was, he had my phone number, and could have contacted me anytime, yet he failed to stay in contact. My biological father “chose” to pretend I didn’t exist.

As a little girl, I remember hearing the phone ring and praying over and over again that it was my dad on the other end.  I always longed for him to call me…  I longed to hear him say… “I love you!”, “I am proud of you!”, “and “I want you in my life!”  The long-awaited phone call I dreamt of for years, never came and to this day my biological father continues to reject me.

Every year I dreaded Father’s Day.  It broke my heart  to see other little girls sitting on their daddy’s laps, being swung around in the strong and supportive arms of their father, being loved on by their daddy’s, and being told they were beautiful.

The thing that broke my heart the most was knowing that these other little girls daddy’s “chose” to love them, spend time with them, and make them a priority.  This meant only one thing…  my father didn’t “choose” me… he didn’t want me.  He chose not to love me and chose not to have a relationship with me.  For many years, I thought there must be something wrong with me…  I must have been ugly… unlovable for my father to purposely choose not to love me.  I recall feeling… I wasn’t “good enough”… “beautiful enough”, or “lovable enough”… to be loved my my father.

One day this pain in my heart began to change.

In a small Baptist church, I found God.  God called me to himself.  The God of the universe…  the “GREATEST”, most “LOVING”, and most “CARING” Father “chose” me.  He really “chose” me!  It was the first time anyone had ever “chosen” me.  Being “chosen” changed my life!

The act of being “chosen” by someone as important as God “The Father of the Universe” was life-changing.  I treated God like the father, I never had.  I cried out to him, begged him to hold me, and sought him for help in times of trouble.  I needed Him!  Nothing else made sense, no one else seemed to care, and so….  God became my father.  Not just my Heavenly Father, but he became my earthly father too.

As my faith grew stronger, God became real to me.  I began seeing him and feeling him in my everyday surroundings.  I cried out to him for help and help was provided, prayers were answered, and overtime the pain in my heart hurt less.  As time passed, my heart began to heal.

I no longer dread Father’s Day…  I no longer cry because my heart is breaking on Father’s Day.

Today is Father’s Day 2014…  I am 36 years old.  I’m happily married to a Godly man who also “chose” to love me!

My husband and I are blessed with 4 wonderful children.  I love watching my husband love on his children, our children love on their daddy on Father’s Day…. and everyday in between!  I praise God my children are blessed with a wonderful and loving earthly Father, who continually points them to the Heavenly Father.

Most importantly, today I am thankful God “chose” me!  At the age of 15…  God called me to himself.

God is the best father and he “chose” me!

My heart has been healed.

I contribute my healing to God…  My Heavenly Father, who “chose” me.

I no longer dread Father’s Day.

Father’s Day is a day I am honored to celebrate my Father in Heaven.

Today…  Father’s Day 2014…

I would like to say to my Father in Heaven…

Thank you for loving me!

Thank you for healing me!

Thank you for “choosing” me!

Your Beloved Daughter,

Crystal Ridlon

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I Trust “Him” With My Heart


Recently I spent a week at Liberty University for an intensive in the pursuit of earning my degree as a mental health counselor.  These classes aren’t called intensives for no reason, they are INTENSE!  The work load alone in these classes is intense but, the hardest part is the level of sensitivity to your emotions.  I am not complaining, God has been healing my heart tremendously due to these classes.  However, the intensity on your emotions is tough and I mean TOUGH!!!  God desires to heal my heart from the inside/out.  This healing has taken places in doses over the past several years, but lately it’s been a marathon.  The last week was very hard on me!  God challenged me to take risks, fight the inner resistance to pull away, to run or simply numb up and close off!  I challenged myself prior to taking the course, “I can’t ask my future clients to do something I have been unwilling to do myself.!”  Despite the tears, despite Satan’s desire to keep pent up hurt and pain suppressed in my soul, I “DETERMINED” to allow God to walk me through the healing process, even if it was the hardest thing I’ve ever done.

Friends, For 36 years I have been suppressing my pain, fear, and bitterness!  I was abused as a child!  For the first time, God wanted me to say these things out loud, not under my breath, or haphazardly mentioning it in passing, but to really let it sink it, that I had been abused. Through the catalyst of the “group process” I was sent back into my childhood and was forced to face the pain that has haunted me my entire life.  Unbeknownst to myself, I have been living with Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome my entire life!  Funny, I’ve been taking counseling courses for a year, I’ve read about this syndrome, never in my wildest imagination did I think, I had PTSD.  Why?  Because I have hidden my pain and fears!  In order to survive my childhood abuse, I had to be a survivor, I never had anyone saying, “Crystal, it’s okay.  You were hurt!  You were abused!  Let’s talk this out, let’s get you some in depth therapy!  Let me pray with you!  It’s okay to cry, there is healing in our tears!”  No instead, many people (some very well intentioned) said, “You got to hold your head up high!  You can’t focus on yourself, you must focus on other people! Why aren’t you trusting God?” My personal symptoms resulting from being abused, scared people, so they would say…  “Read the scriptures!  Pray to God!  Focus on the blessings around you!  Look up not down!”  Why, because they didn’t know… They didn’t understand. Don’t get me wrong, some of this is good advice, but after one has taken the {proper} paths to healing.  Let me just say, “This frustrates me, and really hurts me. If anyone leaned on God, IT WAS ME!  If anyone ran to Him for help in prayer, IT WAS ME!  If anyone read the Word of God, IT WAS ME!  If anyone NEEDED God, IT WAS ME!”  He’s all I had and I RAN to Him and still RUN to Him everyday!  Others who lived in the same abusive home self-medicated with drugs, alcohol, sex, and so many harmful things to simply numb the pain.  I medicated with God, with worship music, with scriptures!  I have never been drunk, never done drugs, and ALWAYS medicated with God… His love, His comfort, His healing, and His word. So, when someone tells me I’m not trusting God enough and that is why I am not healed, I want to scream!

It’s so much easier to tell people what they {should} be doing or {shouldn’t} be doing, rather than being present and {just loving} the person through their pain. However, I am certain that the scriptures commands us to love one another, not to tell everyone what to do!

When people should have held my hand, walked with me, found me a good therapist, loved me through my childhood dysfunction, most people {PUSHED} me to just “GET OVER IT!”  I’m a survivor, so I made it work, I worked with what I had available to me at the time. However, I am now 36 years old and I have just realized a VERY painful realization.

Part of my healing lies in informing people how to walk with an abused person. How to walk them through their pain and how to aid individuals into the path of true healing!

You know… Coming to grips, really admitting to myself my abuse, recognizing my 36 years of PTSD responses, all of it has been VERY DiFFICULT!

However, it’s not near as difficult as living 36 years pretending to be healed, thinking I was healed, but feeling the inner turmoil that few saw within my heart!  Nothing about my healing process has been harder than pretending for 36 years I am something I am not, whole, unbroken, completely healed, and living a life of complete inner healing. For awhile my heart may ache as I walk through the abuse from my childhood, as I face triggers and the fear of my life-long defense mechanisms.

I KNOW with God walking this path with me, healing is inevitable, and He will continue to be my protective wall. I’m eternally grateful for the Savior’s love! I’m eternally grateful to know that with Christ living inside my heart, healing is certain, and a victorious life is a very real possibility.

I love God! I love my Savior! I will always live to serve Him and continue to walk the path of healing, even when it seems too tough. You know why, Because God is in the healing business….


Proverbs 3:6, ” In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight!”

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Help Me, Help Them… “I’ll Praise You In This Storm”

In the worst of circumstances, I can still see God’s blessings and goodness!  At times I may have to look harder, but their there, nonetheless.

This week my family has been dealing with this new strain of Norwalk Virus, I think the name is Sydney, or it’s originated in Sydney… Something like that.  Anyway, it’s a nightmare bug.  Apparently it’s entirely too easy to catch, spreads through the air, lives FOREVER (maybe not forever, but 3-5 days ) on surfaces, and it literally takes it’s toll on the body.  It all started with my 6 year old Daniel, next my 9 year old Christopher, then me, and tonight my oldest son Robby.  Problem is the man of the house is out of town for a conference, that leaves me home sick with fever and a stomach virus, attempting to care for 4 children, 3 of which thus far has the same nasty bug. Needless to say, it’s been a rough couple of days.  I am so sick (literally sick) of nasty bodily secretions.  All day, I’ve dragged myself around the house, trying my hardest to keep my children well hydrated, and clean.  All the while, I have a fever and have been down with this terrible illness.

Tonight, I finally get all the children to bed.  Throughout the evening, until the wee hours of morning, I have been running up to clean bowls, check temps, and attempt to hydrate dehydrated children. However, as I sit in bed holding my own stomach.  I think to myself, “I love these little ones, so much!  I am so lucky to have such sweet, fun, and happy children!  It is an honor to care for these little people.  Thank you Jesus for the gift of my life!”

Although, I prefer to praise God when life is running smooth, I “choose” to “Praise Him in the Storms”!  Today and tonight, has definitely been a storm.  My oldest whines, “Why did God have to make sickness?”  I respond, “Honey, God didn’t make sickness, sickness is from Satan, but we can allow sicknesses to make us bitter, or we can allow it to turn us to God!”  Tonight, I have talked to God extensively… Asking for patience…  Pleading for healing…  And despite feeling ill, God has provided the necessary strength to help me, help them!

Tonight, God has been with me.  Although the hubby is away, although I am feeling feverish and nauseated.

God has answered my prayers…

He is helping me, so I can help them!

They are all hydrated, asleep, and all four of them KNOW they are loved and cared for!

“Thank you Father!

I praise you in this storm!”


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The Most Effective Defense Mechanism

I’ve been thinking about an encounter I endured recently with an overbearing and difficult person.

Let me share…

Recently, I was forced to come face to face with an overbearing individual!  This individual was bitter, bossy, easily offended, and downright aggressive!

I was intimidated by this person, actually I was AFRAID of this person!

You know what?  In all honesty… I was frustrated… angry… and HIGHLY intimidated by this person.

However, as I began “PRAYING”.  (I prayed for this difficult child of God’s.  After all He created and knows this person completely)

God revealed to me…  the condition of this individual’s heart.

This person was insecure…  The epitome of insecurity was this person’s inside.  The exterior toughness… hardness… bitterness…,  this persons “GUARD” was all a mask to protect a deep rooted insecurity within their soul.  The rough exterior was simply one big {defense mechanism}…  A huge barrier… This person’s most successful attempt at protecting their heart from further danger… pain… and rejection.

You know what?

Suddenly… this person became less frightening to me!  As I prayed for this person who had hurt me…  God revealed the true condition of their heart.  A broken… hurting… needy soul desperately needing love… yet pushing {everything} {everyone}, and even {God} away.  All in a fleeting attempt to ensure their heart {never} again is broken.

As God revealed this person’s heart condition to me…  I began to think about other people’s heart conditions… their covers… their guards… their defense mechanisms.  I began to think of my own attempts at protecting my heart;  my barriers… my guard…  my wall… my own insecurities.

{Trust} me friends…  My protective wall used to be sooooooo big!  Through an intimate relationship with the creator of my heart… God himself has been working to bring down my battle wall.

Several months ago…  In an intense therapy session.  My damn broke… My eyes spilled tears in an enormous amounts.  I couldn’t stop sobbing…  I couldn’t toughen myself up.  No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t stop the tears from falling.

All I could do was pray!

Several days later, while recovering from my “emotional outburst”,  I sat in the Sunday School classroom at my church feeling vulnerable… truly feeling naked {although I was fully clothed} and praying, “God, what is going on inside of me?  Why do I feel so vulnerable?  Why is everything making me cry?”  Right there in the middle of the Sunday School class… God spoke clearly into my heart.  “Crystal, It’s your “wall”, It’s gone!”  I jumped up out of my chair, walked to the bathroom and spoke to the Father right there.  “What do you mean?  {My wall – it’s… it’s… it’s… what… Gone?}  Ummm… Excuse me God.. I’m pretty sure I need that wall!  I can’t live without my wall!  It’s protected me from years of abuse… rejection… pain.”  Once again, God whispered into my heart… “Crystal, you don’t need that wall any longer… { I AM YOUR WALL }!!!!  After catching my breath and attempting to make sense of this profound message from the Lord, I sat down on the chair in the corner of the ladies restroom…  I looked up into the Heavens and spoke to God from the pit of my heart… “Are you sure I am ready for this?  Okay…  I trust you!  I will try this…  I will allow you to protect my heart!  After all, you’ve proven faithful, loving, comforting, and always near to my side!”

Friends…  This is a true story!

You know what I’ve realized?

God is the BEST and most protective wall!  

He’s the most effective defense mechanism!  

You know that person who intimidated me?  You know that person who frightened me?  You know the one I spoke of in the first part of this blog?

You know what that person directly said to me?

That person looked straight into my eyes and said… “I see your inner Lion!”

Friends…  That inner Lion is God… Christ living within my heart!  He’s protecting me… Healing me… Comforting me… And He’s promised to {Never Leave My Side}!

I ask you today?

What protective wall are you carrying around with you?  Is your outer exterior scaring people away from you?  Are you desperately trying to protect your heart from further pain… rejection… turmoil… and in the process pushing people away from you?

Are you weary from carrying that heavy wall everywhere you go?

Is God…  your protective wall?

Is He…

“Your most effective defense mechanism”?


Ephesians 6:11-13

Put on the full armor of God, that you may be able to stand firm against the schemes of the devil. For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places. Therefore, take up the full armor of God, that you may be able to resist in the evil day, and having done everything, to stand firm.

Psalm 27:1-3

The LORD is my light and my salvation; Whom shall I fear? The LORD is the defense of my life; Whom shall I dread? When evildoers came upon me to devour my flesh, My adversaries and my enemies, they stumbled and fell. Though a host encamp against me, My heart will not fear; Though war arise against me, In spite of this I shall be confident.


Dear Lord,  I thank you for your awesome and amazing ways!  I praise you for the way you are working in my broken, battered, and fearful heart!  I thank you for the healing you have lead me through and I thank you for the healing you will continue to lead me through.  Father, I know as I endure Earth’s hardships, you will be by my side.  You are always with me…  I feel your presence so real in my life!  In my tears…  I feel you there wiping away my every tear!  In my pain, I feel you there holding me!  In my joy, I feel you there cheering alongside me!  Father, you are so {very} real to me!  You Lord, are the {realest} part of my life!  I will continue following you.  I will continue seeking you!  I will continue stepping out in this healing process, even when it seems unbearable to do so.  I will continue following you.  You have shown me that your ways are the path to living a victorious Earthly life and the avenue for Eternal life… where I will live in peace and harmony with you {forever}!    I Love You!  Your Daughter, Crystal


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Love You With The Truth


You say, “I have a problem with the “traditional” Christian!”

You say, “Christians are all hypocrites, judgmental, and legalistic pharisees!”

You say, “I don’t go to church because Christians are all fake!”

You repeatedly speak of your deep dissatisfaction with the church body as a whole.

For months, I sat and listened to your hatred toward the church… The very Bride of Christ… My brothers and sisters in Christ.

Listened to you rant and tear down EVERYTHING about the church.

Your words were deceptive…  Eloquently sweet.

Quoting scripture with every breadth.

I “never” fell for the deception.

You never pulled me away from my church family, my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.

I wanted so badly, to be “that” Christian.

“That” Christian who could still love, despite your contradictory beliefs.

I wanted to lead you to the truth in devout love.

More than anything…  I wanted you to know you were loved.

I allowed you to speak.

I listened intently.

I told you of my sincere love.

I encouraged you in your daily walk.

Yet, the time came.

I knew it was time to speak TRUTH.

You ask me to believe in faulty and Unbiblical “New-Agey” beliefs.

I tried with everything within me to be gentle, yet firm, all the while reaffirming God’s unconditional love and my devotion and love.

I knew it might anger you.

I knew it might’ve meant the end of our friendship.

However, I knew the TRUTH needed to be spoken.

Your response was INDEED intended to shred… to rip apart… to tear apart my character… to take away my peace.

Momentarily the tears rushed in an overwhelming flood of hurt.

With each mean spirited e-mail, each hateful text, and each contradictory statement.

I realized…  The TRUTH in fact challenged.

The TRUTH caused gnashing of teeth.

The TRUTH hurt!

I forgave instantaneously.

The words of the Father, echoed from the cross…

Luke 23:34, “Forgive them for they know not what they do!”

I trust…  God is in control.

Our friendship was a divine intervention.

God’s plan not yet revealed.

How do you love someone so much, who attempted to inflict such hurt to your soul.

Christ knows the “epitome” of this hurt!

Pray for your enemy, not what I’m doing.

I’m praying for a friend.


“God send her a better friend than I!”

Casting Crowns new song “Love You With the Truth” is quite fitting for this post!  I will pray for this friend!  I will sing this song with fervency.  Knowing God loves her more than I!  Please take a moment to listen to an amazing song about speaking the truth in love.

I love you friend!



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Written From A Heavy heart


This blog post is not an easy post for me to write, but my heart is heavy!  My spirit is sad!  My heart is breaking for this world!  My heart breaks for people who lack faith in God.  Those who face each day, with a void so vast, and an emptiness so debilitating.  The problem is, these people are blind to their own emptiness.  They look around, they’re disparately yearning, reaching, and striving for anything to complete them.  Yet, everything they find, only temporarily eases their emptiness.  

My heart is breaking….  When I sit back and observe people wandering aimlessly and living a personal life of self-destruction, it breaks my heart.  I “stop” and ponder, how does it make God feel?  I pray daily for lost souls. To pray… it’s all I can do!  

Right now, the thing that is “most” heavy on my heart, are the people who say they’re Christians, yet live defeated lives. They claim to walk with the Lord, they put on the outer, “look at me, I’m going to church routine”, yet, they still seem to be wandering aimlessly.  

People often put words in God’s mouth, “God told I am supposed to….”, only to turn around and abruptly move to yet another, “God told me I’m supposed to…moment”, yet, they never complete any of the “tasks” God told them to do.  They’re fickle…  Continually swaying.  Like the autumn trees.. Swaying… tossed about… yet to end up back on the ground.  

Correct me if I am wrong but, I have been reading my Bible for twenty years…  If God called someone to do something… They “eventually” completed the task.  Usually, the individual fought the calling, and thought, “God… me?  I can’t, I’m simply not strong enough…  I think you’ve got the wrong guy!”  Let’s name a few… shall we?  Jonah… He outright disobeyed God and was thrown into the mighty waters and swallowed by a fish, only to be spit out on the ground in Ninavah, right where he refused to go.  Mary the mother of Jesus… she didn’t eagerly take on the challenge.  She was scared, confused, humble…. Yet, she obeyed God in humility and gave birth to the “Son of God”.  Noah… Built an ark like an idiot, facing the risk of being placed in the local mental home. Yet, Noah completed that life-saving ark, and showed everyone… “God is who He says He is!” God can do what He says he can do! I can do what god says I can do!” Get the picture?

Why do people say, God told me to….,  Only to add another “incomplete” to their list of “God told me too’s”?

Maybe… Just maybe, it’s because… GOD NEVER TOLD THEM TO DO IT, IN THE FIRST PLACE!  

Maybe they are just aimlessly wandering…. trying to meet their worldly needs, rather than completely surrendering to the Father.  Just a thought!

My heart is breaking, because all around me I see “so-called” believers living in mediocrity. Comforting their desire for “hope” in the luxuries of the world, rather than truly desiring God and seeking wholeness from the  maker of the “whole” world. I see it and it breaks my heart.

Friends, I have been a Christian for twenty years and I have learned throughout this life, that there is no hope, outside of God’s hope.  I see “so-called” Christian church girls dressing immodestly to attract attention, from who?  Aren’t we as Christ followers, supposed to desire the attention from God?  God is not attracted to your cleavage, or your six pack. What about those of us who are chasing after material possessions… more money… bigger house… expensive clothes and jewelry?

Why… Is God not enough?  As believers, He’s supposed to be all we need, but do we live that way? What about the music we listen to?  The movies we watch?  The people we hang with?  Do they direct us to the Father, or do they become mountains to climb, and hindrances in our path to reaching the foot of the cross?

When will we start living like we “really” believe?

Friends… Everyday… I surrender to Him!  I have learned…. that life outside of His will… Is PAINFUL… MISERABLE…  and UNBEARABLE!!!  

I have attempted to live life, to please me, and each time it’s left me empty!

I have experienced the blessings, the healing, the wholeness, the peace, the joy, the overwhelming love… the result of true surrender to God.  

Friends…. Listen…. God’s love is real! His love is pure… Satisfying… And “everything” your desperately longing for… Will you surrender? Will you hand the wheel over to the Father? Will you allow God to reveal the bountiful blessings He longs to bestow upon those who believe… To those who surrender to His will?


Romans 8:28, “All things work for good to those who love Him, to those who called according to His purposes.”



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Life’s What Happens When You Have Other Plans


Life’s what happens when you have other plans!

A good friend, mentor, and mother figure has stated this quote to me, on countless occasions. Needless to say, it’s not my favorite thing to hear, but I will admit it is the truest statement, I think I’ve ever heard.

Do we plan on a loved one getting cancer? Do we plan arguments with our spouses? Do we plan on our children getting sick? Do we plan on loved ones unexpectedly dying? Do we plan on giving up on a friendship, in which we’ve put much effort into, only to realize the friendship has been one-sided the entire time? Do we plan on our children throwing tantrums in public places?

No… we don’t plan these things. We plan for the opposite, yet, “Life’s what happens when you have other plans!”

Let’s admit it, life is not easy! Life is not always filled with good feelings, every friend won’t end up a true friend, loved ones won’t always be healthy, our marriages won’t always be effortless bliss.

Our children will suffer, our relationships at times will suffer, and “we” will suffer.

Am I the only human being, who faces insecurity? Who worries about what others think about me? Who wonders if I’m good enough? Who wishes for abundant friendships? Who dreams dreams that will never happen?

If your “truly” honest with yourself… Your life’s not all flowers and perfection, either?

What makes life worth living, when the hard times, hit us square in the face? When the doctor has bad news? When our children are sick? When our marriages struggle? When our friends, turn their backs on us? When our spouses leave?

There is hope in the midst of our suffering!

There is hope for our broken hearts, marriages, and relationships.

Where can we find hope? Peace? Relief from the trials of life?

Let’s face the facts…

Life at times is tough!

Our hearts will be broken!

Friends will betray us!

Our loved ones will get sick!

Life is not “always” a walk in the park!

Yet, we can find everlasting peace, in the midst of life’s trials.

Nehemiah 8:10 “The joy of The Lord is our strength!”

Acts 2:28 “Thou hast made known to me the ways of life; thou shalt make me full of joy with thy countenance.”

Isaiah 26:3 “You will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast, because they trust in you.”

Psalm 68:19 “Praise be to the Lord, to God our Savior,
who daily bears our burdens.”

How do you face the trials of this life?

Where do you find peace?

My peace is found in the Creator of my heart!

In the nail scarred hands of Jesus Christ!

Please watch this music video by Laura Story, Perfect Peace, and be blessed!

Blessings, Crystal

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When To Confront


You ever get the feeling someone is judging you and they don’t know you enough to judge you, in the first place? Have you ever been hurt by another’s casual and unplanned attack on your personal character? Don’t get me wrong, I am a sinner, and I have a lot of becoming more like Christ to do. I will be the first to admit, I have a tremendous amount of spiritual growing up to do. I will also be the first to admit, I love God and desire with all my being to please Him. I will also admit, I don’t enjoy being confronted. However, I have a heart that desperately longs to grow in my faith and to recognize and fix any characteristics that hinder my walk with The Lord.

Let me say, I am shocked by a few people in our midst, our churches, our families, and in our lives whom feel it is their place to inform others of their character flaws. I am going to school to be a Christian counselor. I would like to pass along a vital nugget of wisdom I’ve acquired through my studies. (Not just through my studies, but through God’s word.)

Are you ready?

There will be a time when we are called by God to confront sin in other believers! These are necessary points to ponder before we confront anyone of their sin or personal character flaws.

1). We should NEVER confront sin in another person, unless we have CLEARLY heard, The Lord informing us to confront. More often than not, it is people just being plain petty, judgmental, and attempting to micromanage the world. God himself doesn’t micromanage his creation, therefore, why do His followers feel it is their place to micromanage their friends and family members.

2). We must NEVER cause harm to another person. As a counselor in training I take a pledge, “To NEVER” cause harm to my clients. Confronting someone, before God has prepared their hearts to receive the confrontation. may cause irreparable damage to that persons spiritual walk, self-esteem, and frankly their relationship with you.

3). The relationship between confronter/receiver, MUST be strong enough to withhold the confrontation. Several examples would be the counselor/client, friend/friend, husband/wife, and pastor/parishioner relationships. In other words, the receiver has to come to a place, where they know you genuinely care about them and deep trust is built into the relationship, prior to the confrontation.

This next one is EXTREMELY important… Put on your attention caps!

4). Anytime we feel lead to confront anyone, we MUST do so in humility. God NEVER calls someone to confront without a personal heavy dose of humility on the confronter’s part. Let’s face it, we are all sinners, we’re all in desperate need for a Savior, and NONE of us is better than another.

5). We MUST… MUST…MUST… MUST only confront in love. Confronting another is a serious matter and confrontations are never taken lightly. The receiver MUST know the confronter genuinely cares for their well-being and loves them unconditionally.

Matthew 7:1-5

“Judge not, that you be not judged. For with the judgment you pronounce you will be judged, and with the measure you use it will be measured to you. Why do you see the speck that is in your brother’s eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye? Or how can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when there is the log in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother’s eye.”

Galatians 6:1-2

“Brothers, if anyone is caught in any transgression, you who are spiritual should restore him in a spirit of gentleness. Keep watch on yourself, lest you too be tempted. Bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ.”

1 Corinthians 13:1-13

“If I speak in the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I am a noisy gong or a clanging cymbal. And if I have prophetic powers, and understand all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have all faith, so as to remove mountains, but have not love, I am nothing. If I give away all I have, and if I deliver up my body to be burned, but have not love, I gain nothing. Love is patient and kind; love does not envy or boast; it is not arrogant or rude. It does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful;”

Friends, I pray you be blessed today! And remember, we are all sinners, and we NEED to practice forgiveness. People will hurt us and it is essential we extend the God’s grace, to others in our midst!



Encouragement for a Weary Heart, Trusting God

I’ll Never Forget


September 11, 2013.

12 years ago today, evil reigned over our country, like a dense blinding fog. The Twin Tours were hit by terrorists and thousand of people were killed. Americans have their share of problems, but one day a year, I am encouraged by the way our country comes together to remember the lives lost.

Today I dedicate this blog post to, remembering that tragic and heart wrenching day.

God’s word states, “All things work for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purposes.”

Let’s remember, shall we?

I was living in Naperville, Il (a suburb of Chicago). My husband was in downtown on his second day of his new job. I was pregnant with my oldest son Robby, completing my final year of college, and I was in the bathroom getting ready (like any other normal day). I was listening to K-Love Christian radio, heard the news, and the phone stared ringing. I remember being in shock. Some of my family members thought the Twin Tours was the Sears Tower, and my husband’s building was next door. I’ll never forget, worrying about my husband all day, there was no way to reach him, it took forever for him to get home because all downtown workers were sent home.

Remember that feeling? Remember the deep heart-wrenching agony that came with this evil act? We may not be able to explain the feeling in words, but trust me… Those of you who lived through 9/11, you remember! There are not enough words in the English dictionary to adequately explain the feelings we experienced on the day of 9/11.

This is why we REMEMBER! Why, we’ll never FORGET! Why we realize our desperate need for the Savior.

Where were you? Do you remember?

Please share!