Love You With The Truth


You say, “I have a problem with the “traditional” Christian!”

You say, “Christians are all hypocrites, judgmental, and legalistic pharisees!”

You say, “I don’t go to church because Christians are all fake!”

You repeatedly speak of your deep dissatisfaction with the church body as a whole.

For months, I sat and listened to your hatred toward the church… The very Bride of Christ… My brothers and sisters in Christ.

Listened to you rant and tear down EVERYTHING about the church.

Your words were deceptive…  Eloquently sweet.

Quoting scripture with every breadth.

I “never” fell for the deception.

You never pulled me away from my church family, my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.

I wanted so badly, to be “that” Christian.

“That” Christian who could still love, despite your contradictory beliefs.

I wanted to lead you to the truth in devout love.

More than anything…  I wanted you to know you were loved.

I allowed you to speak.

I listened intently.

I told you of my sincere love.

I encouraged you in your daily walk.

Yet, the time came.

I knew it was time to speak TRUTH.

You ask me to believe in faulty and Unbiblical “New-Agey” beliefs.

I tried with everything within me to be gentle, yet firm, all the while reaffirming God’s unconditional love and my devotion and love.

I knew it might anger you.

I knew it might’ve meant the end of our friendship.

However, I knew the TRUTH needed to be spoken.

Your response was INDEED intended to shred… to rip apart… to tear apart my character… to take away my peace.

Momentarily the tears rushed in an overwhelming flood of hurt.

With each mean spirited e-mail, each hateful text, and each contradictory statement.

I realized…  The TRUTH in fact challenged.

The TRUTH caused gnashing of teeth.

The TRUTH hurt!

I forgave instantaneously.

The words of the Father, echoed from the cross…

Luke 23:34, “Forgive them for they know not what they do!”

I trust…  God is in control.

Our friendship was a divine intervention.

God’s plan not yet revealed.

How do you love someone so much, who attempted to inflict such hurt to your soul.

Christ knows the “epitome” of this hurt!

Pray for your enemy, not what I’m doing.

I’m praying for a friend.


“God send her a better friend than I!”

Casting Crowns new song “Love You With the Truth” is quite fitting for this post!  I will pray for this friend!  I will sing this song with fervency.  Knowing God loves her more than I!  Please take a moment to listen to an amazing song about speaking the truth in love.

I love you friend!




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