Sensitive, Spirited, & Tender Hearted


People say… I’m too sensitive.
You know what? They’re right.

I certainly am sensitive.
My heart feels deeply.

What does it mean… “To be too sensitive?”

Could it mean this heart easily beats emotion?
Could it be the sensitive spirit of The Lord?

The power of the Holy Spirit beating deep inside.

People say… I’m too spirited.
Maybe they’re right.

I’ll be the first to say I’m spirited.
I love to talk and laugh; and I usually don’t know when to stop.

What does it mean… “To be too spirited?”

Could it mean allowing the Holy Spirit’s joy to shine?
Could it mean living a life that reveals the true joy of the Heavenly Father?

People say… I’m too tender hearted.
It’s true.

Movies… Even slightly sad movies easily choke me up.
Everyday living… The joys… The trials… The blessings.

What does it mean… “To be tender hearted?”

A tender heart is a sign of Christ living inside a Human soul.
The rain… God’s tears overflowing from the most tender and biggest heart.

Proud to be sensitive.
Proud to be spirited.
Proud to be tender hearted.

To feel deeply the joys, trials, and blessings from a life of one who is loved unconditionally by the most loving Father.


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