Few Days Away From Facebook

I deleted Facebook applications from my iPhone and my iPad for several days. I felt my spirit needed a break. My break only lasted a few days and that’s okay. All I needed was a few days. A few days to realize a few VERY important things. 1.) {EVERYTHING IN MODERATION} goes for Facebook, too!Continue reading “Few Days Away From Facebook”

Taking a Break From Facebook

I’ve decided to delete my Facebook apps. Those of you who know me personally, know that I am a true advocate of Facebook. I have friends all over the globe and Facebook allows me to keep in touch. Lately, for whatever reason, I’ve been feeling “blah”. I haven’t been able to pinpoint what is causingContinue reading “Taking a Break From Facebook”

Crystal’s “Turn the Table” Over Moment

I’m frustrated. You thinking… Wow… Not like Crystal to blog about something negative or out of frustration? Let me clarify: I’m not saying I never feel negative or frustrated, just ask my husband and children. However, right now I have a bone to pick. Usually, I decide to wait until my frustration passes but rightContinue reading “Crystal’s “Turn the Table” Over Moment”

Good Ole’ Lemonade Days

Everyone has bad days. Today was one of my “bad days”. I opened my eyes and felt the nasty pang “I’m going to cry!” Went to church… All in attempt to serve God… And feel better. Yet… I escaped to the ladies room to secretly wipe away the unwanted drops of emotion. The last thingContinue reading “Good Ole’ Lemonade Days”

Living a Victorious Life Through the “Almighty Counselor”

I look in their faces… No matter how hard I try I can’t see their hearts. So many people… So many souls. Their eyes are a window into their souls. Usually… I can read the emotions of the eyes. In their eyes, I can see anger… Fear… Sadness… Joy. I can’t see “why” their feeling,Continue reading “Living a Victorious Life Through the “Almighty Counselor””

Lessons From a Five Year Old

My son Daniel was playing at his friends house yesterday afternoon.  His friend’s mother is one of my best friends.  My cell phone rang and it was my friend.  She said, “Crystal, I don’t wan’t you to freak you out but I need to call 911 for Daniel.”  Her son playing around threw a musicContinue reading “Lessons From a Five Year Old”

If I Withhold Faith, I Will Behold No Hope

A couple of nights ago, I was sitting in the living room, surrounded by my family and guiltily stressing about my graduate level research papers. Earlier, that afternoon I had noticed a friend requested prayer for her daughter on Facebook. Despite, my stress over my research papers due that evening, I continued to check FacebookContinue reading “If I Withhold Faith, I Will Behold No Hope”

I Wish There Were Visiting Hours in Heaven

Sleeping… Dreaming… I’m in your home. Unfortunately, you aren’t there, sitting by my side. You, remain everywhere. In your home, in my memories, within my heart. Your familiar smell, your booming… southern voice. At times you seem so close, your soul… closely intertwined with mine. Right now… This very minute… Your Heavenly residence seems tooContinue reading “I Wish There Were Visiting Hours in Heaven”

Follow Your Dreams

God has been preparing my heart for the “counseling” mission field. God placed this desire within my heart many years ago, and has been preparing my heart for this mission. In the past year, this desire has become a continual nudge within my spirit. Once I realized my desire was a “holy desire”, a “calling”Continue reading “Follow Your Dreams”