Lessons From a Five Year Old

My son Daniel was playing at his friends house yesterday afternoon.  His friend’s mother is one of my best friends.  My cell phone rang and it was my friend.  She said, “Crystal, I don’t wan’t you to freak you out but I need to call 911 for Daniel.”  Her son playing around threw a music cymbal and it hit Daniel on the nose and up towards his eye.  I could hear fear in her voice, despite the fact that she was trying so {very} hard to remain calm.  Her four children were frantic on the other end and Daniel was hysterically crying.  Needless, to say… I jumped into gear.  Jumped in the car and sped through town to get to my sons side. To make a long story short…  He ended up having to be sedated and a plastic surgeon was called in to repair the damage.  It was a traumatic experience for my little guy.

Here’s the lesson I learned from my five year old.

Please take a minute to watch this video before continuing to read this blog post.  You will be blessed… Trust me…




In this video he’s just coming out of sedation.  He told me that his friend threw a {torcher} at him.  A {torcher} is Daniel’s made up word for cymbal.  I asked him, “You still love him?”  His response was a pure example of the love we’re supposed to have as followers of Christ.  He says, “Yep… He’s still my best friend.  And even if he throws something else at me, he’ll still be my best friend.”  {Tears}

I’m amazed at the depth of his love for his friend…  I’m amazed with his simple childlike love…  His astounding childlike faith…

Friends, if only we could be more like my five year old.  If we could so easily forgive… Forgive people for their humanly mistakes… and their frailties.  This world would be a much more enjoyable place… friendships would be deeper… families closer… marriages stronger.

When people inadvertently throw {torchers} in our direction.  Can we forgive their mistakes?  Can we allow people to be human?  Can we love them with the love of God?

Some of the most astounding life lessons… I’ve learned from God’s little people.

How about you?


5 responses to “Lessons From a Five Year Old”

  1. Wow.. You are so right if only we can all be like this child.

  2. Beautiful little boy. And yes, if only. I believe that is how we are intended to be as Christ followers, we are to have the heart of a child, but our grownup pride gets in the way.

  3. Wow, It actually made me cry. I hope my heart would be so forgiving.. what a precious example of Christ’s love. Thank you for sharing!!

  4. Out of the mouths of babes…Preach on, Daniel! thanks for sharing

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