Pure Joy Beaming from Four Tired Little Faces


Today was another day abounding in blissful blessings. A day when it was {good to be alive}! Everything was perfect. I thoroughly enjoyed hanging out with my little ones. We spent the morning cuddling in bed, headed to the park to meet up with some friends, ate Subway for lunch, enjoyed a nice long afternoon nap and {cuddle with Danny Panda (my five year old boy who {loves} to cuddle), went to the older boys’ school carnival, evening outing to the park, and came home and ate ice cream on the picnic table outside. This is simple run down of our {amazing} day! Driving home from the park I looked in the rear view mirror and saw {pure joy}. I soaked up the {joy} of the moment, and attempted to store the precious moment into my long term memory. Joy beaming from my little ones’ tired little faces. {JOY}!!!

I can’t recall how many times people out in public have asked me, “Are they all yours?” I kindly respond, “Yep, all four… And I love it!” {Most of the time}

“Every good and perfect gift comes from above.” James 1:17




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