When Your Child Ministers to Your Heart


Tonight my son Robby and I were cleaning out the van and a song came on the radio. The song was “Thank You”, by Ray Boltz. This past November I sang this song at my uncles funeral. Suddenly, I missed my uncle deeply and tears began falling from my eyes. My son suddenly became quiet (this is quite rare) and asked me if I am okay. I told him that the song made me miss my uncle. I explained the huge impact my uncle had on my life. My eleven year old son looked up at me with such tenderness and said, “Isn’t it such a blessing to know we’ll see him again in Heaven!” The thought of seeing my uncle again in Heaven brought such peace to my grieving heart.

Friends, I am blessed! My son {really} ministered to me tonight. I told him thank you, hugged him, and told him how proud I am of him. Despite, my daily imperfections as a mother, somehow my boy is turning into a man after God’s heart.

My son ministered to my heart! I couldn’t be more proud of my Robby. I’m beginning to see the {blessings} involved in watching your children grow up and mature. You know what? It feels pretty good!




7 responses to “When Your Child Ministers to Your Heart”

  1. The purest of heart, and the ones closest to God are truly our children! Thank you for sharing!!

    1. Thank you! Your very right! Blessings, Crystal

  2. Gretchen Wilson Avatar
    Gretchen Wilson

    And I am blessed to have a friend like you! Thanks again for picking us up at the airport. We are still awake, going through mail, put sheets on the bed under my new cover Nancy gave to me! Now am off to put a load of wash into the washer. I will sleep well tonight. :o) Send me your travel schedule for the summer, please. Love you, Gretchen Pray as Barb and go tomorrow morning to TRY and meet with the Principal about GNC this fall semester.

    Gretchen Wilson 2631 N. Skyline Drive Bloomington, IN 47404 812-333-2561


    1. I’m lucky to have a friend like you too! Love you Gretchen! I’ll pray! God’ll work everything out 🙂

  3. Awesome! Thank you for sharing!

  4. francesgabriel75 Avatar

    I find this so much with my two – they have a deep and implicit faith in some ways – it just IS. Challenges me to accept more with the eyes of a child.

  5. Me too! My four children have a way of challenging me on a regular basis 🙂

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