Society’s Rules “or” The Maker of Society


Today’s societal norms regarding life, love, and marriage have forced me to ponder, “When is the {right} time to get married, When is the {right} time to have a baby?” Today the world tells us we have to have all our T’s crossed and our I’s dotted before we can consider marriage or having a child. We should be a size 2 and wear all name brands. The world says we have to have graduated college, we have to own a home, and drive a new car. I have seen family’s in uproars over these issues. I especially find it interesting when such {issues} arise within Christian homes. The world tells us that we should only have one or two children. I have four children and I get those “holy smokes” looks quite often, sometimes people say, “Are they all yours?” And I reply, “Yep, and I love it!” Who made up these rules?

What do you think?

Christian’s would you agree with me that our focus has gotten off track… I think we often focus more on what society tells us we {should} do and less on what God is telling us we {should} do.

In an ideal world, society’s rules make sense. Quite possibly they are goals we should aim toward. However, the God I know and read about in the Bible doesn’t give a {hoot} about societal norms. For example… Noah building an ark. Say what? How {normal} is that? I’m sure all that wood was hard to come by and who knows how many animals he went into {debt} for to acquire all the wood he needed to build. I’m certain he had to quit his day job to find time to build {the boat that saved the world}.

Don’t misunderstand me… I think it is {wise} to be smart when making decisions. We shouldn’t just run out and get married the day after we meet someone {unless} we absolutely know that’s what God is calling us to do. We shouldn’t take out loans we’ll {never} be able to pay back, just so that we can have the world’s largest home or hottest sports car. We should take our time when making big decisions.

What point am I trying to make?

{Christian’s} we need to {stop} focusing solely on society’s norms, and begin consulting with the {maker of society}!

Guess what? God made each and everyone of us and He speaks directly to our hearts.

{Maybe}… Just {maybe} we should put down our defenses and the world’s rules… And get into the word… And truly ask God to speak to our hearts about His will for our lives, our children’s life’s, and His will for our family’s.

Folks… If I spent my life focusing on {society’s} norms… I would have missed out on so many blessings. If I would have listened to every well intentioned person’s advice, I wouldn’t have gotten married at 22… I wouldn’t have {any} of my children {and my children are the greatest [four] things I’ve ever accomplished}, my husband wouldn’t have gone back to school to become a successful business professor, and I wouldn’t be following God’s will in becoming a counselor. Had I missed out on all these blessings… Guess what? I might be debt free… With lots of money in the bank… But guess what? I would be completely unhappy… lonely… and out of obedience to God.

Are societal norms more important than {seeking} God’s will for our lives?


2 responses to “Society’s Rules “or” The Maker of Society”

  1. I am sorry, but I reject all norms, especially those put forth by others.
    Many “teachings,” are but the dead’s rules for the living.
    I say no to any book describing “the” word.
    To say that any human knows Ggod shows that humans ignorance.
    To say that a bunch of dead white guys know any better than a bunch of dead Chinese men is blasphemy and is absolutely laughably ludicrous.
    If this Ggod created all of us, which I believe, then none of us have the “right,” answer or the way to live.
    I appreciate your openness in your quest.
    Plus I think your children are so beautiful!

  2. love following God…that’s where true joy comes from. peace from Him is not always easy to understand…but God is so good…that though His ways are not our ways His love and joy and the fulfillment He gives us while we are doing what He asks of us just make it all come together. Keep on sister… love your heart…

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